Two arrested from Kolkata for Noida cyber fraud

Monday, February 16, 2009

NOIDA - Two suspects have been arrested from Kolkata for the Rs.4 million fraud by a BPO employee who allegedly diverted insurance funds into accounts opened in Britain under false names, the police said Tuesday.

The latest arrests were made a month after key accused Edward Burns, senior executive of a leading BPO firm here, was arrested Jan 17. Burns, an employee of EXL Solutions, had allegedly siphoned off about 56,900 pounds (Rs.4.08 mn) to bank accounts in Britain, the police said.

The Noida police arrested two men from Kolkata and also claimed to have exposed their London based counterparts.

Addressing the media Tuesday, district police chief Naveen Arora said after the confessional statement of Burns, a team of policemen raided the residential premises of his two accomplices - Lichan Sien and Nivelleyynne Peter - in Kolkata.

Sien was brought to Noida through a transit remand, and has confessed his involvement in the case, the police said.

Peter was granted bail by the local court on medical grounds and has been asked to be present before the Noida police Feb 27.

Burns, 30, an Indian citizen, was working in the insurance claims division of EXL, which contracted work of leading British insurance firm Aviva. After opening accounts under fake names, Burns, instead of transferring the insurance claim amounts to the actual insurers, credited the amount into these fraudulently created bank accounts, the police alleged.

Sien, according to the police, said the funds were transferred in the accounts of London based associates - Chishyongli, Sheryll Revero and T.Morris.

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