Get Tweets on Your T-shirt for $20, Earn Money

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, April 17, 2009

bg-mastTwitterers, here is another news you will just love to know. Twitshirt brings you a service that lets you have your favorite twitter imprinted on a tee for $20. ‘You can print your snarkiest, sappiest, most favoritest tweets onto an incredibly comfy American Apparel tee’ - is what they say. And there is even more. You can get paid for the Twitshirts they sell. Each time they sell a t-shirt with one of your tweets on it, it will set aside $0.50 from our profits for you. And they will track your royalties even if you don’t have an account there. You simply need to sign up for an account to claim your payments via PayPal. Isn’t it cool?

So start tweeting meaningful and catchy tweets. You never know who loves your tweets and decides to put it on his/ her tshirt as a style statement. You may get rich by a way you didn’t even know!

Okay, if you want to keep your tweets private and don’t want them to appear in any other person’s tees for the heck of it, you can just go and sign up for their blacklist and no one will ever touch your tweets.

Some of the best tweets that can be made into a tee is being featured here. I loved the concept there. What bout you? Did you buy/ sell any? Keep us notified. Here are some people whom to get inpsired from…


April 18, 2009: 5:17 am

now I’ve seen everything! Twitter shirts!!!

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