Website Monitoring Software Chartbeat: Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Saturday, April 11, 2009

chartbeatThere are nothing worse than your website touching nadir without providing you a clue. Well, what that interprets is less traffic. In turn, less traffic means less revenue. There are website monitoring software that can provide alerts on the situation of traffic on your website. Most of the sites pull up server logs to the health of their sites. But, most of  monitoring software are snappy and contain no extensive details. While searching for a more comprehensive service, I came across the Chartbeat. This web based tool is designed to monitor the pulse of a website. It doesn’t stop at providing traffic and uptime alerts, but extends assistance for further course of action. This helps to avoid unnecessary hassles regrading your site and its position on the web. I reviewed the software in details to figure out it’s potential. Let’s look at the key features of this beast:



Traffic and Uptime alert

To begin with the traffic and uptime alert are the first things you come across. The traffic alert highlights the anomalies in the monthly average, maximum or minimum in the site. The uptime alerts report when your site is slowing down or is unreachable. The alerts are in the form of emails and SMS. In addition, Chartbeat also provides the actual load time that the users are using.

Social Metrics

The social metrics provides information about the users continuously. There is a meter that shows whether the site-visitors are reading, writing or idle. The comments on twitter and blogs about your the site are also provided.


The dashboard allows you to track the traffic on your site a any moment. It offers the details about the visitors, such as their location and their preferences. There are data packed charts on the real-time dashboard that estimates the responsiveness and popularity. Further, it’s possible to see replay of the website’s status at that point of time.

Social zeitgeist

This one is a unique tool with which the user can track arbitrary search terms in twitter. It can be used to monitor your website name, url, and others.

Customization of data

Chartbeat allows the users to build on top of the API. The users builds whatever you’d like with your data.


  • Through real time routing the users can get real-time information about the page.
  • Widgets attached to software offers real-time report on the most popular pages as well as information about recent visitors.
  • The most appealing benefit about chartbeat is that it allows the execs, editors, sales team and anyone involved in the site to know about know who is on the site and from where without even having to suck up to the system administrator.


There are no significant shortcomings to the chartbeat given that its not high on price.


Overall, I find chartbeat has some real good features to impress those concerned about their website’s health. Decision making becomes more easy with the figures provided by chartbeat.

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