Windows 7 Upgrade Stuck in a Limbo

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, October 26, 2009

windows_71Have you decided to go for a Windows 7 upgrade? Well, it’s high time to give it a second thought. According to the reports on Microsoft’s support forum, some of the users trying to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 saw their PC paralyze with endless reboots. Users complained that Windows 7 installation would hang two-thirds through the upgrade with several reboots. While upgrading the users receive a message that upgrade had been unsuccessful and that Vista would be restored. However, the PCs again started booting to Windows 7 setup process, failed, and then restarted the cycle.

We went through the some threads in Microsoft support forum,

One of the victims Manjigani with thread titled Windows 7 - Install Message - Upgrade Unsuccessful  wrote:

now it is in continuous loop. I let it run overnight hoping that it will fix itself, but no luck. I am stuck in limbo.

Another user Derrty wrote on the forum

I can’t even access my laptop nor do I have the ability to roll my system back to Vista. All indications are the install removed any trace of Vista

What remains to be seen is that upgrade from Vista to Windows 7  didn’t show any common characteristics of the computers or the users’ actions.  The cases are mostly isolated as some had purchased retail copy of the new operating system at stores like Best Buy, while some others bought the upgrade electronically from Microsoft’s online store, still some others downloaded it from Digital River, the Minneapolis-based company that fulfills Microsoft’s $29.99 offer to college students.

Microsoft support engineer addressing the issues on the forum wrote that said the company was investigating users’ problems and said that these were isolated issues. According to one of  the support engineers some users’ problems may be related to the optical drive speed when creating an install DVD from a disk image downloaded from the Microsoft store or through Digital River.  He suggested
Make sure you are burning the image at the slowest speed possible to avoid corruption on the installation disc,


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