MELBOURNE - An American woman, who was bombarded with cricket-related messages due to her Twitter name 'theashes', is packing her bags for an expected trip Down Under this Christmas.

MELBOURNE - US President Barack Obama has taken Twitter by storm after using the classic Spider-Man quote "with great power comes great responsibility" at a press conference.

MELBOURNE - Former Australian leg spinner Shane Warne has announced on Twitter that his marriage with Simone Callahan is over following reports of him being in a relationship with British actress-cum model Liz Hurley.

MELBOURNE - Celebrity cougar Charmyne Palavi-Browne has posted a video footage on her Facebook site that reveals the identity of her newly selected Indian surrogate - and it is Pushpaben Pandaya, a 33-year-old Brahmin housewife.

MELBOURNE - Cheating seems to be getting advanced with Oz students outsourcing essays to foreign sweatshops to get their work done at cheaper rates.
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