Facebook removes ‘hookers’ page after sex workers’ condemnation

Friday, February 12, 2010

MELBOURNE - Facebook has removed a controversial page after sex workers criticised it for seemingly advocating killing prostitutes.

The page, said to have been set up by Catholic school pupils in Queensland, had a following of nearly 18,000 people

The page had come under fire for its notorious name: “Killing your hooker so you don’t have to pay her”.

People claiming to be sex workers had condemned the page, while it was still live.

One person posted: “As a hooker, I wish I could find this site funny.

“It’s about as funny as black people being hung from trees, Jewish people burning in ovens and kids being raped. Not funny in this society!”

However, similar pages like “Killing hookers and doing coke off their ass” are still up on the popular social networking site.

And member of all ages can join these pages.

“It’s a sad indictment of how people just think it’s normal that the sex industry and violence goes hand in hand,” The Age quoted Elena Jeffreys, president of the Australian Sex Workers Association, as telling AAP.

She added: “It’s pretty disgraceful there’s a web page advocating violence or murder.

“The people that do this sort of thing need to realise they are being highly irresponsible by making this sort of thing appear normal.”

Jeffreys said she had contacted the school she believed was involved and even offered to send sex workers to talk to pupils so that they could understand the realities of prostitution. (ANI)

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