Twitter Hack Mystery Resolved

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO ( The Twitter fiasco that the users were greeted with yesterday when they logged into their accounts is now resolved. It was a prank played by someone who is not a hacker but wanted to get some quick thrill out of it. The Twitter users found loads of spam messages and link to porn sites to their dismay. It prompted some of the users to think that Twitter had been hacked. Some of the celebrities are fond of this micro blogging service and needless to say they were also affected by this loophole. A schoolboy from Australia who is barely 17 years old has claimed responsibility for the entire thing reportedly.

Pearce Delphin, who stays in Melbourne with his parents, said that he unwittingly caused a huge hacker attack at Twitter which redirected the users to some sleazy sites. He held that he tweeted a JavaScript code which makes use of the Mouseover function and it was this code that was used by the hackers. The student also said that he had no evil motivations when he tweeted the code and it was simply a matter of chance that the code was captured by some hackers.

The Twitter team was quick to react and they managed to fix the flaw within a few hours. Robert Gibbs the White House press secretary and Sarah Brown the spouse of Gordon Brown, the former prime minister of Britain were among the people affected. While the code did not cause any damage to the Twitter users, chances are there that the hackers can employ similar ideas to cause massive and widespread infections online.

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