Man claiming 85 per cent ownership of Facebook revealed

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MELBOURNE - A man from a small town in New York has claimed that he owns 85 per cent of the social network site Facebook, and has said that he will be going to court to prove it.

Paul D Ceglia, from Wellsville, has filed a civil case against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, claiming he had a written contract with Zuckerberg that proved he owned a massive stake in the world’s largest social networking site.
According to, Ceglia is seeking a “declaratory judgment that defines ownership rights” in the Allegany Country State Supreme Court.

Court officials say the claim has to do with the “formation of entity” and an allegation by Ceglia that Zuckerberg broke a contract he had signed with him in 2003.

The Wall Street Journal reports Ceglia claims the contract allowed him to buy 50 per cent of from Zuckerberg for 1000 dollars.

Ceglia alleges Zuckerberg signed the contract, which also states that Ceglia would receive a further one per cent of the company for every day onwards until the website was completed.

The suit includes a copy of the work-for-hire contract, bearing a signature, which Ceglia claims is Zuckerberg’s.

The judge has granted a restraining order on Facebook, which prohibits the company from transferring assets. (ANI)

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