Shane Warne’s most followed Oz celeb on Twitter

Saturday, October 9, 2010

MELBOURNE - Spin legend Shane Warne is Australia’s most-followed celeb on Twitter, with more than 187,580 followers.

Melbourne-based Twitter measurement outfit Tribalytic released the list.

Blogger Alister Cameron has been rated second on the list, with more than 181,000 followers.

Tim Bull, CEO of BinaryPlex, the company behind Tribalytic, said Warne’s popularity could partly be explained by his colourful history.

“I suspect it’s because of his indiscretions in the past,” the Herald Sun quoted him as saying.

“He is very active on Twitter, but is also a global personality and has been very controversial. It’s obviously done him no harm in attracting followers on Twitter,” he said.

However, the most number of tweets were made by blogger and social media guru Darren Rowse.

Bull said influence in the world of Twitter was shaped by factors beyond the power of celebrity.

“One of the main components of influence is actually not how many followers you’ve got, but it’s when you do something, how engaged do those followers get?”

“Do they re-tweet it? Do they actually click on the links that you share?” said Bull.

Here’s the list of Australia’s most followed Twitterers:. warne888, Shane Warne, 36, 187,580, Retired Sportsman

2. alicam, Alister Cameron, 37, 181,389, Blogger

3. suburbview, Mark, 22, 147,200, Marketer

4. Rove1974, Rove McManus, 52, 127,724, TV identity

5. mr_gadget, Arnold Aranez, 59, 127,412, Blogger

6. problogger, Darren Rowse, 81, 107,087 Blogger

7. Zakaraya, I.Zak. 28, 69825

8. babycurt, Jasmin Curtis-Smith, 66, 68,230

9. sitepointdotcom, SitePoint, 52, 65,834

10. axelkoster, Axel Koster, 32, 53214, Specialist recruitment (ANI)

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