5 Flight Gadgets to Kill Time

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

skybus_flight_attendantsIn today’s world only two things get priority - comfort and time. For pleasure trips, train journeys are always fine with the amount of fun it is associated with. But if you want to cut down on time flights are the only way out. International routes also have this sole pegasus to count on. While a plane ride is quite quick, still we have some routes that take even 1 day to reach your destination. There can never be anything more boring than a long flight believe me. You can’t do anything, you have that annoying seat belt, you can hardly walk anywhere in that giant ship in the midle of anywhere. You hardly even get breaks too. So, why don’t you take something with you that keeps you occupied? Gadgetophilia has brought in a list of 5 gadgets to give you a better time at the flight with

  1. Vuzix iWear Glasses to watch a movie inside a flight
  2. Kindle to read and spend time
  3. Earphone to listen to music and etc.

I am sure looking at this list will help your journey enjoyable by many folds.

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