How to Change Default Download Location for Firefox Browsers

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Firefox downloads any file to desktop by default. This soon leads to a cluttered desktop.
The location is not changeable from the download manager, which should have been the obvious place.
Firefox Tools Options

It took me some time to figure out how to change the default download location. So I thought this might me useful to someone else too, who googles for information like me.

Firefox Default Download Location Change
Go to Tools menu and click on options as shown.

Then select Downloads from left and change the location as shown.

Click on the images for opening them in a separate page and with full size.

Let me know if this is helpful to you.

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July 31, 2010: 8:02 am

it is very helpful

February 17, 2010: 11:35 pm

Very much needed! It was driving me insane trying to figure it out! lol…thanks so much…

February 5, 2010: 7:38 am

Thanks bro for the help


October 21, 2009: 10:17 pm

thanks bro
thats very help me

Don Lynch
October 14, 2009: 2:06 pm

Oh dear, one BILLION downloads for Firefox and as the American above says it still ’sucks’ - Nevertheless I would never go back to IE -
Why does it suck ? cos you still cannot drag the icon
on the address bar for the webiste you have just gone to, onto the desktop. Yes you can, but you end up with a desktop full of identical cloned Firefox Icons instead of the customised logo that the website intended.

September 17, 2009: 1:09 am

Thanks for the help

August 21, 2009: 4:51 am

yo add me on msn i need help

July 24, 2009: 11:42 pm

thankyou. A great help and so easy!

July 7, 2009: 3:11 pm

Thanks, I forgot about that ;-)

May 18, 2009: 5:30 pm

merci mais comment faire pour télécharger pas exemple avec internet download ou autre logiciel de téléchargement.

March 13, 2009: 11:30 am

Thank you very much for posting this! I had changed my default download location nearly six months ago and COULD NOT remember for the life of me how to change it back. I kept losing my downloads! The process is just a little bit different for mac users, but I figured it out with your help. :o)

For mac:
Click on Firefox in the upper left corner -> Preferences -> Main, then choose location/preference under “Downloads” section.

March 1, 2009: 12:01 pm

As of Firefox 3.0.6 your advice does not work anymore. I still can’t find how to change the download location. With older Firefox versions I used your approach.

Jack Stone
January 8, 2009: 1:06 pm

Thanks a million it really helped if I could only find the other files i downloaded it would be great. Thanks again

Erra F.
August 4, 2008: 8:07 pm

Thank you so much. I am setting up a new computer after my old one crashed. I knew it was possible to tell it which folder to download to, since my old one did that, but I didn’t remember how. I was wasting time downloading and then moving it.

Norm Nelson
July 26, 2008: 1:16 pm

With the release of Firefox 3 the download location has moved to Tools -> Options -> General

June 9, 2008: 5:26 pm

Perfect! And thank you very much.

December 16, 2007: 9:14 am

Thank you!!! That was driving me nuts!

December 10, 2007: 5:46 am

i was teaching my mom how to specify a folder into which downloaded files could be saved directly. thats when i realised that i myself had no idea how to do it.
that is before google pointed me to your site! thanks a lot man.

November 4, 2007: 11:49 am

Thanks for this - a lifesaver!!!

Velvet Venom
October 13, 2007: 1:13 pm

Straight forward answer to my Googled query. Thanks. Can you talk to Microsoft et al about doing the same when their knowledge base is searched?

August 26, 2007: 10:52 am

This is great. Thank you so much. Another thing I’d like to add about downloads going to the desktop is that many times they get “Corrupted” and when you try to install, they will give you an error message. Putting the downloads in a folder will greatly reduce the chance of this happening.

July 14, 2007: 1:14 am

Albert Thompson said: “How can I change the homepage location in Firefox.”

Please refer to this article:
Firefox: How To Change The Default Home Page Location

July 14, 2007: 1:00 am

> can someone please tell me how to change my default voice it’s driving me nuts?

You want to change your default voice?

Try some voice exercises. Try repeating OUM. It gives a softness and yet gravity to your voice.

July 14, 2007: 12:58 am

questionablecharacter says:
“do you know how to change the “automatically do this to every file” option?”

Please refer to this article:
Firefox: How To Change “Do This Automatically For Files Like This From Now On” Option

July 13, 2007: 8:04 pm

do you know how to change the “automatically do this to every file” option? I accidentally checked this box during one of my file downloads and now all the text documents I download are automatically saved (instead of giving me the option to simply open them). thanks!
June 23, 2007: 9:57 pm

can someone please tell me how to change my default voice it’s driving me nuts?

June 3, 2007: 7:03 pm

Thanks for the help. Been looking the answer to this problem, Just not looking in the right place until now. Thanks for finally solving my small problem.


April 28, 2007: 7:04 pm

Thank you. The default to download to Desktop was driving me Nuts - and back to, shock horror, IE. Much appreciated.

February 8, 2007: 3:31 pm

Thanks for this, it has been bugging me for ages, why they put that stupid little button on the downloads window to show your desktop but without the abbilty to move the location is incredible stupid, thanks again :D

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