Top Healthcare Apps for Twitter

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, February 13, 2009

This one is an exclusive section for those health freaks who believe Twitter can’t help them to stay in the pink. Well, nobody can tolerate the extra bit of fat hanging from their bay window. Why worry when  Twitter has great apps to help your health and of others. Could there be a better idea than tweeting useful health tips? You can even do that from your mobile. What I feel is, you are what you eat and that your food controls your health. Moreover exercising is also essential if you’re on of those dull boys. Well there are a number of Twitter apps that can help you out with your health.
Now you can get rid of that extra pound of flesh to avoid your paunch brushing the doors. I’ve got some useful Twitter apps to take care of your health


If you never had a food diary to record your food habits here’s it for you. This Twitter app will keep a track of your eating habits by tweeting what you have eaten from, your IM or mobile phone. For more



Well that stands for Get Fitter with Twitter. This one records the stats of your exercises, for instance the number of pushups or Elliptical workouts you perform everyday. The results of your progress can be tracked from the graphs over time.



This is another app to keep track of your eating pattern. It’s basically a food log on Twitter. You can keep a record of  what you eat by prefixing a message @having or straight away messaging to having. You can see the results on fastmedicalinfo.



With it you can chart/plot various stats of running milage, calories, reps, weight, etc. You can keep track of these on Twitter.


Let Twitter do a recorder for you, to keep track of your eating patterns and exercises to allow you a clean bill of health. After all, you know what a wealth your health is.

March 31, 2009: 5:56 am

We at Trialx have just launched a twitter app to increase information availability of clinical trials
The app is simple. All you need is to QuTweet (query tweets pronounced cute-tweets) us at TrialX (@trialx), put in the keyword “CT” (for Clinical Trial) followed by your health profile. In about a minute it’ll send you a reply tweet with a tinyurl link to the TrialX page containing matching FDA approved trials as per your QuTweet. (

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