Top 10 Funny Software to Annoy Your Colleagues

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, March 5, 2009

office-prank1It’s tough continue working at a stretch without a burst once in a while. I know you don’t want to die of boredom.  It creativity when you are thinking about capers to beat the heck out of coworkers. Well you have lessons to be learned from Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), the celebrated office prankster. Now there’s someone in your office with whom you have a pricky relationship. Why not play a prank to annoy this workmate of yours. I’ve got top 10 funny software to annoy your colleague with your hanky-panky.

1. Fool your Manager

Your activities are being monitored by your managers sitting right behind you. They take notes while you research or write your codes. That’s really humiliating. But, you cant express your discomfort. can do that dirty work for you and get your message across to him/her. Don’t worry your name will be preserved.

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2. Crap talker

This is what you call prank calling through your computer. With shit talker you’d have a set of more than 70 different phrases and it also allows you to custom make your own phrases. Further you can customize a voice by changing the pitch, rate, contour, gender and quaility of the voice wave. So put up something nasty in a croaking voice.

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3. Error generator

So they are here again, I mean those efficiency experts to evaluate what chicks have learned.  Try this program when they get you. This software will generate error that’ll not be closed.

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4. Fun Morph 8.58

This is essentially a funny and easy to use photo morphing and warping software. Morp and wrap a cool pic of you colleague to a cat or pig and set it as a screen saver on his/her desktop. Whenever he/she returns after a coffee break, the he/she watches the devilish pic that’ll leave him/her brainsick.

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5. Thousand Windows to close

No doubt this one will get your  workmate frustrated to no extent. This software will open thousand windows on his/her desktop. No way, you have to close all of them one-by-one. Well be ready to face the music, lol.

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6. Optical Illusion  v1.00

Tell you workmate you’ll have a cool brain if you keep on looking at this. I bet this illusion thing would cause a severe a headache, if someone keeps on looking at it. Ask your colleague to look at the dot for 30 sec and then switch to the back of his/her palm. Wait and watch what happens.

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7. Annoying Co-worker

Have you listened to the sound of fingernails scratching against a chalkboard? It’s the worse sound I ever heard. It’s better you let your coworker listen to such annoying sounds than to work with him/her.

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8. Tough Nut to Crack- Calculator

Now, if you’re coworker is in a hurry and has lots of calculations to do present tell him/her to use this calculator. It’s dam slow. wait and watch the fun.

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9. Let the mouse go crazy

Get this program on your colleague’s desktop and it will move the mouse cursor randomly, and click any where on the screen. He/She will go crazy to handle the mouse.

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10. Virus Attack

Computer virus who doesn’t fear that. It is a real fun through which you can scan the system with an anti-virus, your computer hard drive and detect numerous viruses.

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Bonus: Wallpaper - Halloween Dark Night description

Does you colleague fear the little devils? Well then set this Animated Halloween Dark Night Wallpaper on your Desktop. It’s a hell of witches, phantoms and vampires. The most exciting part is a lame skeleton that wanders from side to side trying to find a something which was lost on the last Halloween. Indulge your colleague in a funny small talk  and abruptly get his/her attention to what’s going on your on your desktop. Leave him/her horror-struck.

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If you still wating to annoy you collegue, it’s better you be keep peace and tolerate the  him/her to


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