Top 30 Newest Facebook Apps to Brighten Up 2009

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Facebook is the most popular choice of social networking around the world. Amongst hundred of other such sites jostling neck to neck, Facebook has quietly emerged to the top and remained there for a long time now. Like Twitter and iPhone, Facebook apps have created a niche and own set of followers for them. Its been long since we have talked about Facebook. So we decided to take a tour of thousands of new apps and bring out the best for you so that you don’t lag behind anyone in the new year.

1. Rank My PC

Well, we are geeks, so let’s start with geeky things. Rank My PC will do a quick scan of your computer components. The app will evaluate your system performance and provide tips on how you can kick it up, based on how you use your computer. Just select the user profile that fits you best. You’ll get the results in no time flat.  Invite your friends to download Rank My PC and challenge them to a techno showdown. Rankings will show who is the star and who is lame. But be sure that own a ferrari before you run a race with someone else. :)

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2. Do Your SMS

DoYourSMS is an application that enable facebook users to change their status through mobile phone or SMS. So next time you want to operate and let facebook friends know where you are, you don’t need a computer and an internet.

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3. Pass a Heart

This is a smiley which talks about hearty smiles. I mean literally. Smileys in different mood of hearts. You will love ‘em and more importantly your partner and spouse will melt if you know how to use them at the right time in right mood. All the best.

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4. Mafia Battle

Start your own rules as a mafia. Do you still dream about being Don Corleone? Here is the app which will make you fulfill it virtually. An absolutely cool app.

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5. Flash Games Directory

Another gaming app. View a complete list of the greatest Flash games available on Facebook. Bookmark this application now for hours and have fun.

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6. StarBucks

An appreciable and humanitarian effort through a facebook app. Yes its possible. What if you gave 5 hours to help your community? What if we all did? Search for volunteer opportunities near you through the HandsOn Network.

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7. Living Social

LivingSocial lets you catalog your interests, browse what your friends enjoy, and find others with the same interests as you. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be LivingSocial. They currently cover subject areas including Books, Albums, Video Games, Movies, Restaurants, Beer, TV Shows, and now Slopes.

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8. Flower Collector

Something to brighten up your day. Flower collector is how you can collect flowers and send them to your friends.

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9. Mini - Golf Challenge

Are you into fun sports? Put your putting skills to the test as you take on eighteen holes on a challenging minigolf course!

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10. La Liga Picks

Can Real Madrid make it three Primera Division Championships in a row? Or will perennial Spanish League contenders FC Barcelona, Sevilla or Villarreal be able to stop them?

With La Liga Picks, you try to predict the result of every La Liga match, and your picks and results will appear on your profile.

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11. Crappy 80s Gifts

You’ve lived through leg warmers and Totally Hot Olivia Newton John. You’ve tried egg whites and Dippity Do to keep your do aloft. You understand the benefit of having hurricane proof bangs. Aqua Net was your only hope.

Put down your back pocket comb for a minute, and share the memories of Reaganomics and New Wave. Send your friends totally tubular 80s stuff that is like so lame, dude.

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12. Battle

Battle is the world’s first web-based, multiplayer, real-time fighting game. Easily create and customize your own 3D gladiator and instantly challenge players from around the world in this addicting, fast-paced game.

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13. Reality Check

A less known app. But I suggest you to try this one. Reality Check is fun a new application where users are encouraged to share all the different aspects of their lives with their Facebook friends. Reality Check has a huge database of questions from 10 major categories for users to choose from. The questions range from hypothetical and fun to serious and salacious. Then users can request their friends to give a “Reality Check” to see if what they divulged was Real of Fake. From there you and your friends can compete with each other to see who knows who best and see who are your Realest or Fakest friends. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.

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14. Ultimate IQ Test

The Ultimate IQ Test is nonverbal, thus minimizing cultural bias. Using geometrical shapes, it evaluates your natural ability to reason through analogies, identify patterns, and understand concepts quickly - meaning this test will determine very accurately your general intelligence level!

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15. Which Deviation Are You?

Ever wanted to know if the judgement passed upon you by the Central Committee was justified? Or if you are in danger of receiving one soon? Take this test and find out. A test which will help you determine whether you are a true communist or have you strayed from the right path.

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16. Peacefulness

Peace is important. Send pictures of peaceful places and things to your friends to wish them peace and serenity in their life.

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17. Are you Smart?

Wanna have a reality check on your own myth of being smart. How smart are you? Let’s test it with questions.

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18. ButterFlies Chat

Who doesn’t love butterflies? What if these colors splash your computer screen while you are chatting? Send your friends chat messages with them lurking all over.

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19. WorldWar II Forums

Develop your WWII skills and talk the export WWII players.

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20. Tatty Teddys

Cute tatty Teddy pictures and anmiations to send and share with all your friends.

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21. Your Luckiest Sporting Number

This quiz determines what number is best suited for them to wear when they head out into the battlefield of their chosen sport.

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22. Daily Art

Get a daily dose of wonderful and famous art and photos. Pick from over 50 categories. Post and send art. You can tell a lot about a person by the art they appreciate.

This will add a box on the left side of your profile page. The box will be updated with a new work of art each day. If you like a work you can post it to your profile page and add your personal comments. You also have the option of sending it to a friend.

If you really love a work of art and want to hang it on the real walls of your home or office, click the image and you will be taken to where you can order it.

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23.  I need a Vacation

We’ve all had the same rainy-day office daydream:

Relaxing under a palm tree, sparkling blue water all around us, a cold drink in hand…

I NEED a Vacation! is a fun application for those who have been stuck in the office far too long and need to express how much they really need a vacation.

You can pick anywhere in the world you’d like to escape to, and invite your friends to get away with you.

Whether you’d like to hit the beaches of Waikiki, the slopes of Aspen, or the barrier reefs of Queensland, I NEED a Vacation! can help you daydream with your friends.

Who knows? Maybe enough daydreaming will lead to the real thing!

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24. Lyrics

Send lyrics to your friends whenever you need and whichever mood are you in. Its a lovely app esp for those who love music or literature.

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25. AccuTracking GPS Tracking

AccuTracking is a low cost cell phone tracking service.

This application is for existing AccuTracking users to display a live tracking map on their Facebook profiles and share with friends.

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26. Online Users

This is an application that you can reach hundereds of people, you can make comments to them, send messages, can make friend invitations and you can see who showed your online users’ profile.

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27. Jigsaw

A new jigsaw every day. Its fun and its easy. Try it. worth lazying around with this app.

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28. Chocolates

How can I leave apetite behind in this list of 30 essential apps. And for the matter of fact, chocolate!

Fresh, hand-made gourmet truffles, delicate and thin chocolate shells filled with the freshest creams, fruit purees, pure cocoa butter and nuts to create the most flavorful of fillings is what this app can get you. How? Use the app to know.

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29. (Lil) Eco Racer

Care about a green atmosphere so that we ca live a better life? Lil) Eco Racer lets you challenge your Eco-friendly friends to a game of car racing. Racers can earn faster cars with more advanced fuel technology by winning races or by earning more Green Bucks using (Lil) Green Patch and (Lil) Blue Cove. Each race helps earn Carbon Offset equivalents to make donations to the Plant A Billion campaign of The Nature Conservancy.

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30. Moola

Play free games to win Moola (m$) that you can turn into real cash! Start with a free penny from our advertisers and climb the “Moola Tower” for real cash prizes ranging from $10 to $10 million. Cash out with PayPal or we’ll mail you a check. Grow your account balance exponentially by winning head-to-head games against your friends or other players in real-time.

Earn more Moola (m$) to game with when you complete offers or shop online. Plus, invite your friends and you’ll receive bonus Moola (m$).

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Whoof! So do you like the list. Do you have any app to include in this list? Which one will you like to use. let us know. Your feedbacks are important for us.

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