NEW DELHI - Minister of State for Communications and Technology Sachin Pilot said on Thursday that matters pertaining to denial of visas, strong steps against outsourcing in the United States and hiked visa fees were grave issues.
indo_us-flag_news_280 India will try to convince Obama during his visit that outsourcing , in fact, has a positive effect on US economy because it created many jobs in US as opposed to popular belief. According to Ficci (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry),  Indian acquisitions have created and saved 65,000 jobs in the US recently. Altogether,  374 acquisitions have been made and 127 greenfield projects have been initiated in the US by Indian investors. India's Ambassador to US Meera Shankar also said Indian companies invested $5.5 billion in US greenfield projects between 2004-09. "In mergers and acquisitions of US companies, Indian companies invested $20 billion."
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