NEW DELHI - Public broadcaster Doordarshan has been left with a permanent legacy after the 2010 Commonwealth Games as now its staff knows "how to go about such an event" and even have new software at their disposal, says its chief.
cyberattack According to McAfee report,  58% domain that was hosted in Vietnam's vn domain is the breeding ground for Malware. If you visit those sites, your data may be stolen or your pc may be hijacked. The survey was targeted  among 27 million sites all together around the world. Out of those, 6.2% site were found risky which is up from 5.9% from 2009.  Those sites may be fake pharmacy or virus ridden files and can host drive-by-downloads.  The report also said that  15,000 of the 24,000 websites sitting on the .vn domain are the safe shelter for cybercriminals. Many .vn domains are used to re-direct to other malicious sites or to control networks of hijacked computers or botnets. On the other hand, malicious sites that was hosted under the .com domain almost hit one million in 2010.
CHANDIGARH - The Information Technology (IT) companies in Chandigarh are incurring huge losses since past few months due to an unsupportive economic scenario.
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