cloud 70 big firms like BMW, Shell and Marriott Hotels met together and  said that cloud computing can not be implemented in full swing unless major firms work together. The companies formed Open Data Alliance Center to push technology standards. The IT spending of those firms stand at $50 altogether. The principal goal of the body is to help businesses so that they can cope with  huge  number of users because they will want to access online services and applications  using  different devices from phones to TVs to tablet computers. Intel, technical adviser to the alliance projected that 15 billion devices are going to be connected to the web by 2015. Researchers also estimate that one billion users will go online in the next five years.
trojan According to the researchers,  if you are a Mac OS X user and visit social networking site like  Facebook, MySpace and Twitter,  chances are high that your PC may be infected by Koobaface.  The Malware ultimately tries to gather sensitive information after infection  from the victims such as credit card numbers etc. Currently, it spreads via message link on Social Networking Sites.  The content of the message may be to trick you to view a video file.  These sites attempt to load a Java applet.  There is no automatic infection because users are cautioned via the standard Mac OS X Java security alert. User can deny or accept the applet's access to the computer.  If the user allows, Koobface downloads a component,  DNS filter program that blocks access to well known security websites and a proxy tool that enables the attackers to abuse the infected PC.
NEW DELHI - The Public Diplomacy Division of the Ministry of External Affairs was on Thursday given the prestigious India eGov 2.0 Awards 2010 for the most innovative use of social media and Web 2.0 tools in government.
vc The recent deals from the venture capitalist firm,  Sequoia Capital made it obvious that Silicon Valley firms eye on Asia for initial public offering. The shift to Asia was very prominent this week with the IPO of Chinese Internet retailer, Mecox Lane, at NASDAQ, and that proves the real shortage of new public tech companies in the US. It is the seventh IPO by a Chinese firm in the last 1.5 years which was financed by Sequoia. Only two out of 12 companies financed by Sequoia that went for IPO  are US firms and neither of the two companies are computer related firm.
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