Arithon Recruitment software: Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, March 13, 2009

arithonArithon is a complete recruiting solution for managing the entire process of hiring. The software has been designed to incorporate a sophisticated technology to help the existing recruitment process. It helps to manage and accelerate the placement process within a stipulated time and expense. I have already mentioned about the Arithon in my Top 10 Recruitment Software. Let’s go for an extensive overview of the software.

Arithon offers three recruitment solutions according to the size of the business

  • Agency
  • Enterprise
  • Corporate


Arithon offers recruitment software solution for existing recruitment agency. Arithon assists in optimizing the productivity by reducing the time taken by and automating the time consuming tasks that recruiters deal with regularly. The recruitment software is also equipped with unique email import technology and the efficient Burning Glass parsing technology that accelerates the process of placement, edging over other such recruitment softwares.


Arithon’s is recruitment software that reduces the IT costs of the company without reducing the level of redundancy. It provides an enterprise with recruitment software, servers, redundant backup and replicated data for the whole offices to share. Arithon has invested in the resilient database SAN. Those enterprises served by Arithon can expect to reinvent the wheel.


Let’s delve into the vital features of the corporate package

User friendly interface

This is an easy to use system that can align the recruitment and staffing activities with an organizations prospective goals and hiring plan.

No liasoning, no agencies

The software enables integration of corporate database and company website. This helps to source and store talent round the year. Further the aspiring candidate can enter the details and upload their CV on your website, even without any specific vacancies. The candidate receives an auto-generated response to the candidate and confirms receipt of the details. Whenever the company has the vacancy, it can go through the details stored in the database. The information is available for review instantly.

The vacacies in the can also be uploaded on the company’s website from the Arithon database. This allows the potential candidates to view the vacant position without involving a recruitment agency.

Better administration

Integrating Arithon with current recruitment process helps to reduce the time spent on administration. Allowing best utilization of time. Arithon scores high in efficiency with job multi-posting engine that enables automatic uploading of your vacancies to all of your external job boards. The candidate can upload their CV and enter their information direct into Arithon. One of the significant features of Arithon is CV Parsing. This helps to automically extract data such as name, address, skills, employment history, directly from the CV and stores them into Arithon.

Improved reporting

With just a click you can generate reports from Arithon on any area of your system. The reports are available for

Number of candidates sourced through recruitment agencies
Length of time taken to source new applicants
Cost of new hires for a specified period

Enhanced communication and process tracking

Arithon within your HR department you will always know where in the recruitment process an applicant is currently. Further the colleagues in your department are also able to check on an applicant’s current situation. Arithon is a software that extends communication between the departments in organization. It equips most of the staffs to answer the queries in your absence.


The low set up cost makes Arithon favored over recruitment software. There is no recruitment agency involved, so the cost of hiring procedure is automatically reduced.

January 2, 2010: 8:29 pm

I notice that the previous commentor is from a company that didn’t make the top 10 list, and it would seem that this is just a ploy for a link in google.

December 26, 2009: 6:49 pm

Thanks for the review. If anyone is interested in trying Arithon, please visit for more information

Rod Smyth, Arithon

August 26, 2009: 2:46 pm

These days, the usage of recruitment software has made life easy for the existing traditional recruitment process.

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