To-Do list ToBeeDo Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, June 19, 2009

tobeedoThe to-do lists and task management services have become part and parcel of our life. Even a crackerjack might need a to-do list to manage his tasks in order. There are a number of web-based to-do lists that you can avail for free.  ToBeeDo is one such online to-do list and task management service. ToBeeDo is a ready-to-use application that can save time, effort and money for its users. It includes all the usual features that compliments the easy-to-use interface. It saves users time, money and effort.

Starting with ToBeeDo

To start using ToBeeDo you need go to the Sign in page. Create your account to use the service by filling the Sign up form.


It features a simple and intuitive ajax interface. You can make out everything at the first instance. It allows you create different projects name for each task and track the time spend on each tack. On a whole that saves your time and increases your efficiency.

SaaS Model

ToBeeDo is completely based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and offers all the benefits of this model.

Add task into the project

This is a rare feature with to-do applicaions. It enables the users to add new tasks directly to your active project. Just by typing the name of your new task at the project tree you can enter it into your project. ToBeeDo allows you to create a folder in the current project by typing its name and clicking create as folder link.

Today tasks

This updated feature allows offers a Today tab in the review box. The entire list of task due today or earlier(expired)  appear under this tab.


This is an area within the project that can be used to collect and discuss information on a specific topic. It appears like an advanced project blog and can be quite helpful for a team project.

Due Date

It is the most requested feature in the to-do list offered by ToBeeDo.

Inbox inline add task

This input feature is allows you to add the tasks into the inbox. It lacks function to create folder, still you can create a new task.

Splitter between Review and Project area

This can be a useful feature in circumstances when you have a lot of tasks in the project and nothing in the inbox. In such situation you can inflate the project area to view more info at the same time. It’s easy to drag the splitter to resize those areas.

Priority in tasks


Prioritizing your tasks is an important feature that you must look for, in any to-do list. ToBeeDo allows the user to add priority to the task . The priority of the tasks can be indicated through visual difference. There are four priority options and they can be indicated by four different icons.

Displaying folder with running tasks

If you close a folder its not easy to find the tasks with a running timer. ToBeeDo offers a small animated icon near the folder name.


ToBeeDo is self-hosted that allows automatic updates.

Some Other features

  • Time tracking ability for every task
  • Taggable tasks
  • Multiple contexts

Scheme of payment

ToBeeDo is a service by subscription and you need to pay the bills per month. This can be a viable option for those who want to avoid large one-time outlay.


With an easy and simple interface ToBeeDo seems to be an ideal tool for freelancer, consultant, journalist, bookkeeper, teacher or others. Moreover, its the ease of use that makes to-do likable is its hassle-free implementation.

There are several other similar to-do applications like the ForceDo we reviewed, but you need to check whether it does its job with distinction and cost of the tool.

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