Renovation in Progress…Please wait

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Monday, March 26, 2007

We are completely renovating the office for better, more spacier accomodation. The new electrical outlets and LAN connectivity is almost completed. We will be starting the wall painting (plastic paint from Berger in case you are interested) from tomorrow. By thursday we anticipate we should be able to get 80% operational. By the end of this week we will be done. What this means for you is that I would not be able to respond to your queries as quickly as I woould like to, so bear with me.

We have been renovating for sometime now with new server space, a brand new EPABX (my personal favorite), a new secretary (ok, she is not part of the renovation but she will be very useful for my job nevertheless).

All the new servers will be operational by end April. We are switching en-masse to Linux (bye, bye Microsoft). After much heart-burning I have tamed Fedora Core 6 to a level where I feel comfortable enough to make the switch. I still have to figure out how to enable dual monitor (Samsung Syncmaster 740N) on FC6 running on Intel original DG965RY Motherboard. I have tried all the default means in case you are wondering, still suggestions are wellcome.

We are also upgrading the hardware of individual machines.

Finally we will add an inverter for 24X7 power supply sometime by mid-April. I wish I would I could add some pictures but I am running out of time as people are waiting outside for me to vacate this room. Inverter is costlier and available for less duration. Yet I have decided on an inverter because it is less hassle to maintain and run.

The bottomline is after the growing pains we will become much more productive and more responsive. Wait for Translator 5.0. It will simply blow your mind.

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