How to Migrate Your Blog from to Self-hosted Blog

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 29, 2010

wordpress Many people start their first blog at site. This is free and you don’t need any technical expertise to host it. But, they have certain limitations. You can not use Google Adsense or any other advertisement in your free site. Also, does not support Javascript. So, you can not use many advanced tracking software. Additionally, you have a limited choice of Wordpress Theme.

This article shows different steps that you need to migrate to your personal domain from

  • The first step is that you have to get a domain name for your new blog and you also need server space to host it.
  • Now, you need to set up wordpress. The important thing is that you install wordpress in a sub directory. Now, go to the Admin Dashboard of Do Tools->export and save the XML file to your pc. Then, you have to get into the admin panel of new site , do Tools-> import and choose Wordpress. Please, select the file that you downloaded before. Then you choose the author and check the box “import attachment”. Everything from your old wordpress blog will be imported automatically to new blog.
  • Although, your new blog is a copy of your old blog , but, search engines and other visitors will still go to your old blog. So, there has to be a way to redirect the traffic.
  • Please, log in to the DNS registrar and change the DNS setting. It should now point to the old site. Change the name-server to,, From the blog, do upgrade->domain. Enter the URL of your new domain and do “Add Domain to Blog”. When it asks you to confirm the address, click “Map Domain”. You need to pay some extra money for Domain Mapping.
    Now,  you need to make the new address as the main address of your blog. Do upgrade->domain at the admin panel of your blog. Select the new domain that you just added and click on “upgrade Primary domain”.
  • Next, you have to reverse the change of your Name server. Put the old name back and save the changes. Now, your personal url of the new blog and your URL will take you to the new blog.
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