Review: Sony VAIO mini

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Monday, May 11, 2009

sony vaioSony VAIO, mini is perhaps the most talked about notebook of the town. Sony has left no stone unturned to promote it like a darling as well as making it as fashionable as it can get. While most of the young gals these days have a fetish for Sony Vaio mini, we thought of giving it a shot and come up with our own results. Intel Z520 Atom CPU with 1.3 GHz clock rate, 2 GB RAM and 60 GB Hard disk with 4200 rpm makes it a powerful stud along with an eye candy look. After Asus’ eE PC’s supreme success, Sony’s Vaio mini is in true sense a netbook that offers quality. So the question is, should you go for it considering the high price tag or is it not worthy enough? Gadgetophilia tried exploring all of that from its neutral best.

In this review you will find:

  • Features ans Specs
  • Dimension and Color
  • Connectivity
  • Input Device
  • Display
  • Battery Life
  • Functionality
  • Limitations
  • Conclusion

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