Top 10 Free Registry Cleaners for Windows

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is your system running slower? Have you thought if it has something to do with your registry?  As you know the registry is like a central nervous system for the Operating System as well as the applications installed in your OS, any sort of manipulations(changes) in the registry may downturn the performance of the entire system. As the invalid registry entries continue to pile up with each day and play in your system, there is a high possibility that your system will crash. Thanks to the Registry cleaners you can save you system from the anomalies. So here are 10 of them and more importantly they are free.

Running programs, installing or uninstalling a software involves a number of read and write processes to the registry. Sometimes these activities lead to generation of invalid keys the interferes with the processes and slows down the system. The invalid keys can make your system unstable and lead to a system freeze or crash. The registry allows you to fix a several issues with Windows.

To ensure that you system performs optimally your sure shot formula is cleaning the invalid entries in your registry. There are a number of Registry cleaners that can help you out to clear the mesh so that your system is stable and runs fast. The top 10 registry cleaners that are available for download are here.

1. TweakNow RegCleaner

Often after uninstalling applications certain entries on the registry are not deleted. These obsolete entries increase the size of registry and slows down your system. TweakNow RegCleaner has a fast and accurate formula to to get rid of obsolete entries. it can perform a quick scan of the registry to track the obsolete entries. Further, it’s complex and effective algorithm makes the engine more accurate.


2. Registry Trash Keys Finder

This is a cutting-edge registry cleaning tool that allows you to eliminate the unwanted registry keys. For those addicted to using trial software this is the ultimate tool. After the removal of entries it allows the revival of some program trial versions after the expiry of initial trial period. Moreover, the tool uses VB 6 compiler for better compatibility with latest Windows versions like Vista, Win2003 etc.


3. EasyCleaner

It is a compact and efficient tool for cleaning registry. Easycleaner can also clean up all kinds of files like temps, backups etc. Use it to  search the duplicate files. Easycleaner removes the junk files to free your hard disk space and enhances the boot performance of your system.


4. CCleaner

One of the most know Registry Cleaners for compactness and speed. It has dual advantages. In addition to cleaning the invalid keys CCleaner also removes the unused files allowing you more hard disc space and a faster system. Further the registry cleaner also clears up the traces of your online activities registered in the Internet history.


5. AML Free Registry Cleaner

This Registry cleaner software allows you safer clean up and repair of you Windows Registry with just a few clicks. Additionally it also scans for the junk files that accumulate over time and gets rid of them. To ensure optimal performance of your system it also maintains disk cleanup utility, startup manager, process manager and uninstall manager.


6. Glarysoft Registry Repair

The Glarysoft engine can solve your registry  problems in a few steps. It features a high scanning speed and provides detailed results instantly. Interestingly it generates a Undo file for any changes applied to the registry. In case you delete a necessary entry you can use click the Restore previous repairs to restore the deleted keys.


7. WiseCleaner

It is fully safe and quick registry cleaner. this freebie cleans up all the junks in your registry to accelerate the performance of your system.  It Includes an optimization tool that enables optimization of Desktop Menu, File System, Disk cache, Boot speed etc.
It also features a simple and convenient auto-optimization wizard. However,  if you are not satisfied with the changes, just use the Restore to undo the optimization.


8. RegSeeker

This is a powerful registry cleaner.  It provides you with information on registry like start up entries and installed application. Regseeker allows you to search any item in the registry, delete/export them or open them in the registry. Further the file tool in the Regseeker eliminates the bad shortcuts or duplicate files.


9. Argente Registry Cleaner

Having a simple and easy to use interface Argente Registry Cleaner scans the entire registry for invalid entries and list of errors in the registry. It can quickly identify the missing and invalid references using its detection algorithm. for more it offers you to keep a backup of the files before going for the clean up.


10. Comodo Registry Cleaner

Comodo better known for its firewalls also creates excellent Registry Cleaner Software. It scans and removes the invalid registries that are responsible for instability of the system. It has an exclusive feature that allows you to schedule an automatic scan at your preferred time. It also provides a backup before removal of the junk files out of the windows registry. So you can restore the files if its needed.


Do you have anything else to add to the list? Feel free tell us or even if you don’t, your feedback on this topic is important to us.


registry cleaners
August 20, 2010: 5:44 am

thanks,I just like ccleaner,that’s free.

July 31, 2010: 7:26 pm

Yes I used Argente before I saw this, it’s a killer DON’T use it!!!!

July 15, 2010: 9:09 pm

another good registry cleaner, google “registryfix123″

Best Registry CLeaner
July 12, 2010: 11:40 am

Great post. However there are some other free registry cleaner out there. Thanks

June 11, 2010: 6:22 pm

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT use argente registry cleaner. I used it and all seemed fine until I tried to open any programs including firefox and outlook, they took about three minutes to open, they were previously fine. Luckily I restored the registry from the backup function in the program, all was well after that.

March 25, 2010: 11:29 pm

You soooo risked your machine doing that. I have hit some bad registry cleaners that killed my machine on next boot.

January 3, 2010: 1:44 pm

Thanks for this infotmation - I really like using these registry tools!!

December 28, 2009: 9:11 am

Thanks for this post - I really like using these tools and hope to get the most out of these ones you have posted!

December 20, 2009: 5:11 am

The PowerTools Lite is the best option for scanning and cleaning.

December 14, 2009: 4:16 am

There are loads of registry cleaners for Windows. Make sure you get one that is compatible with your operating system and always take a backup of your registry before fixing it.

December 12, 2009: 6:36 am

Thanks for this - I really like using these tools!!

November 21, 2009: 6:44 pm

Very informative post. This article gives me a lot of registry cleaners to choose from.

November 15, 2009: 9:17 am

Great post. There are still other registry cleaners out there though. This article does give a lot to choose from though.

November 3, 2009: 9:19 pm

I just want to find a tool to clean up the reguistry on my PC. Here, this article just gives me a lot of choose.

October 28, 2009: 6:52 am

When windows registry corrupts or go missing, it
results runtime, javascript and chkdisk type of errors. I suggest you to choose registry cleaners option to solve this problem. This will also make your PC performance better and give your windows a new life.

May 27, 2009: 4:24 am

Great post. However there are some other free registry cleaner out there. Thanks

May 17, 2009: 7:45 am

PowerTools Lite is yet another great option for registry scanning and cleaning. It offers a stable scanning engine which is comparitively powerful, stable and safe. The best thing is that it is very easy and free to use.

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