Top 10 Genealogy Software

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, February 23, 2009

Discovering the roots of an ancestry or a family tree makes for an interesting hobby. Of course there are professional genealogists pursuing extensive research. What’s most interesting is tracking the clue to your self-identity. Explore the ties that trails along your lineage. Clearly that needs an organized, accurate record of an ancestry. Well there are loads of software, which can do this for you. Before choosing a Genealogy software, apart from features, you must look for the ease of use, ease of installation and setup. 

Here are the top Genealogy  Software that help you to track genealogical footprints.

1. Family Historian 3

family-historyFamily Historian 3 provides one of the most simple ways to create and update the family tree data base. Family Historian uses Gedcom format as the default file format that allows easier sharing of information. It offers the ease of entering information. Users have individual entry window to add information about the family members. FH3 supports Chart/Diagram types, provides diagrams for browsing, exploring, navigating,  click and drag data entry, editing and much more. Multimedia can be embedded in the database, but it gets linked to an external source.


2. Legacy Deluxe 7

legacyThis is what the professional genealogist would prefer to use. It helps to organize, accurate records of your ancestry. It includes advanced genealogy program with endless customizable features. It offers comprehensive tools for producing a number of charts and displays.


3. GenoPro - a family tree solution


With this comprehensive software you can draw graphical family trees and genograms. It includes a family wizard that provides an easy and quick way to create a new family or add children to the family.

4. RootsMagic 3

For the taskmaster’s keen on source documentation, this family tree software offers bright prospects. Having said that, it’s also worth mentioning that even a novice do wonders with it. For most top programs, you can effortlessly import the Genealogical Data Communications (GEDCOM) files. What’s more, you can create web pages and shareable CDs.

5. Reunion 9

This one’s exclusively designed for Mac-buffs having Macs OS 10.3.9 or newer.  The new versions comes with 100 upgrades. What’s exciting is that you can transfer files to Apple iPod. For the genealogical professionals it’s a pleasure to work with.


6. The master genealogist v7 gold

This genealogy software could be your numero uno choice if you were looking to record every possible details of ancestry with maximum flexibility. It offers to record and note conflicting data. The best part of it is that although it is designed for PCs, it can run on Macs.


7. Family Tree Builder

It’s an multilingual, free genealogy software for Windows. With a hosts  of Wizards its makes the intricacies more understandable and easy to solve. The face recognition technology is an outstanding piece. You can annotate the face with drag and drop.


8. GeneWeb

GeneWeb is a free genealogy software program available for Unix, Mac(OS X) and Windows. It has a easy-to-understand web interface. Interestingly, it offers relationship and consanguinity computing.


9. The Master Genealogist 6.12 Gold

master-genealogist-boxAs the name suggests, this is a software for serious genealogists. This is not like a family friend program, but it’s meant for hi-tech skills.


10. Genbox Family History

It’s not impressive with an outdated layout and features. Still it’s easy to use and offers an authentic entry system for adding new information. Further there are a number of charts and reports with some options for customization.


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