Top 10 Gmail Labs Applications

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Where none of the email services seem to be upgrading themselves, the Gmail labs is busy experimenting and launching new features for Gmail. There’s a bunch of experimental new features being launched at by Gmail labs. Moreover, it’s interconnectedness with Google applications like Orkut, Documents, Calender probably holds the maximum of what a user can expect from an email service. The Lab comes up with new ideas and pet features to make the Gmail experience more user-friendly and helpful.
There are a lot of Gmail users who never bother to use these experimental labs features. They are yet to realize that these features can be the future of Gmailing. Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. On my part, I decided to inform about some truly interesting lab apps that Gmail users would love to take advantage of. Let’s get on with the top 10 Gmail lab apps. 
To begin Sign in into your Gmail account, go to the settings and open the Labs option.

1. Offline Gmail


Who would have even thought of accessing Gmail offline? That’s really an incredible stuff out of the Labs. It turns your Gmail into an offline email client using Google Gears. Being offline you can do almost everything from searching most of your messages, drafting new messages, and doing everything you can do with Gmail.

2. Quick Links


Searching anything from thousands of emails is always a hectic task. Quick Links provides a new sidebar in Gmail from which you can search specific email. You can use it to bookmark anything in Gmail.

3. Forgotten Attachment Detector

detectattachmentWhen I’m in a hurry to mail packs of emails, I often miss out with a attachments with some of them. Probably its the funkiest email when you have mentioned about an attachment and have nothing attached to the mail. The Lab has gotta forgotten attachment detector to prevents you from sending messages accidentally.

4. Send & Archive


Often you need to archive an email after replying to a message. Earlier to do this you had to click on Send and then follow it by Archive. Now with this lab feature you can send and archive an email at the same time.

5. Mark as Read button


Everytime you want to mark unread messages as read you have to dig into the “More actions” menu. Just add this lab feature and you will have the Mark as read button on the top of the your inbox. Now you can mark all unread conversations in as read with just a click.

6. Title Tweak


It’s almost always that you are doing something else while your Gmail is minimized or in an inactive tab. What you see in the browser title bar is Gmail-inbo
You need to open the window everytime you want to see if there’s anything new. Here’s where the Title Tweaks comes in. Now what it does is changes the of the elements in the browser title bar to allow the more important things first. You will be able to see if a new mail arrives even if the Gmail is minimized.

7. Google Calendar gadget


The experimental Gmail Lab is busy adding gadgets to the sidebar. What about having an agenda view of the Google Calender in the left. It generates alerts for upcoming events, locations and details.

8. Email Addict


This is something interrupt those glued to Gmail without a break. This Gmail Lab feature locks you out of Gmail for 15 minutes and makes you invisible in chat. It almost forces you to take a break.  Of course you can return to normal after a break by refreshing the page.

9. Canned Responses


Now you must be sick of some questions coming to your Gmail time and again. You must be tired replying to the same question. Say for instance a  customer who is always asking for the price of the same product. Just compose your reply once and save it. Using the Canned Responses button you to send the same reply repeatedly. Still if you are too lazy to do that, use the filters to generate automated reply. It will take one of the saved responses and send an automated reply on your behalf.

10. Add any gadget


This can be a handy tool for the developers who loves to play with gadgets. Just paste the URL of the XML sec file.

Let me know if these Gmail apps have helped you to in a better Gmail experiemce.

March 25, 2009: 3:00 pm

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March 10, 2009: 5:01 pm

Google Labs now providing lots of features with very simple user Friendly app.forgotten attachment detector is a good app. great post..

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