SHANGHAI - China has the use of the popular internet telephony service, Skype, illegal.Websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are already blocked in China and Google closed down its Chinese servers last year.
Gmail Multiple Accounts Managing Might Be Fun But Stay Cautious
The Gmail is fast becoming the cyber equivalent for a free lunch.
Google Promoting Demo Slam On their Home Page
The theme for today's Google Homepage is the promotion of Demo Slam.

BEIJING - Secret cables released by the whistleblower website 'WikiLeaks' have revealed that the hacking of Google, which forced the search engine out of China, was masterminded by one of the politicians of the country.
Facebook To Launch Email Service
SAN FRANCISCO ( Social Networking phenomenon and the reason for most of the 500 million users to log on to the web, Facebook, is set to launch its own email service.
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