Top 10 Online AntiVirus Scanner For You to Use

By Turjo, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

While browsing the internet, the constant fear that itches at the back of our mind is whether our machine is getting affected by any virus/worms or not. To stop this unwanted intrusion by any malware, all of us rely on our machine installed anti-virus software. But unfortunately, some of this antivirus software might hamper your computer’s performance and even allow any malware to attack your machine if not updated regularly.

To make sure your computer’s safety has not been compromised, you can always scan your machine by any online antivirus scanner. Infact, An online virus scanner can be good option if you are doubtful about your installed antivirus. Possibilities of missing some threats are always there by standalone antivirus software and somehow enough to make you jump on second opinion. But one must be careful while choosing any of such online anti-virus scanner as they can themselves turn out to be some kind of malware. To help you out in your search for one online antivirus scanner, we have decided to give you a list of top ten best online antivirus scanner to check out. because we believe it’s always better to have options in times of your need.

Here is the top 10 Online AntiVirus Scanner To Do A Quick Scan :

1. TrendMicro Housecall

HouseCall is Trend Micro’s highly popular and capable on-demand scanner for identifying and removing viruses, Trojans, worms, unwanted browser plugins, and other malware. HouseCall 7 features an intuitive interface and the ability to perform fast scans that target critical system areas and active malware. It also leverages the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to help ensure that scans catch the latest threats.


2. ESET Online Scanner

ESET Online Scanner is a user friendly, free and powerful tool which you can use to remove malware from any PC utilizing only your web browser without having to install anti-virus software. ESET Online Scanner uses the same ThreatSense technology and signatures as ESET Smart Security/ESET NOD32 Antivirus, and is always up-to-date. Do not forget to take admin privileges to run ESET Online Scanner.


3. Panda ActiveScan

Panda ActiveScan allows both quick scan and full scan just on click. Hit scan now and follow up the instruction as given. This is the first time that you use ActiveScan 2.0 with Mozilla Firefox. For ActiveScan 2.0 to work you must download and install a plug-in.


4. BitDefender QuickScan

BitDefender is based on anti-malware technologies that doesn’t slow down your PC while scanning. Less than 60 seconds it provide you very fast scanning if your computer is infected. You can runs online from any Internet connected PC.
Notice the browser confirmation message and accept the plug-in installation by clicking ‘Allow’ on the bar above.


5. F-Secure Online Scanner

Online Scanner can help get rid of viruses and spyware causing problems on your PC. After running Online Scanner, you should make sure that you have an up-to-date security solution keeping your computer free of problems in the future.


6. Kaspersky Online Scanner 7.0

Kaspersky Online Scanner 7.0 does not require installation on your computer. It starts from the web site of Kaspersky Lab and runs in a browser window on your computer. You should notice the ’system information’ before start scanning.


Individual File Scanners

7. VirusTotal

Virustotal is a service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by antivirus engines


8. Kaspersky File Scanner

If you discover a suspicious file on your machine, or suspect that a program you downloaded from the Internet might be malicious, you can check the files here.

Only one file or archive file (in zip, arj or similar format) of up to 1 MB can be checked at any one time. If the file is too large, a window with an error message will be displayed. Type the name of the file in the window at the top of this page, or find the file using ‘Browse’. Then click on ‘Submit’.

FREE-Online-Virus-Scan-Kaspersky File Scanner8

9. Jotti

Jotti’s malware scan is a free online service that enables you to scan suspicious files with several anti-virus programs. Scanners used are Linux versions; detection differences with Windows versions of the same scanners may occur due to implementation differences. There is a 20MB limit per file.


10. VirScan is a FREE on-line scan service, which checks uploaded files for malware, using antivirus engines, indicated in the VirSCAN list. On uploading files you want to be checked, you can see the result of scanning and how dangerous and harmful/harmless for your computer those files are. It allows 20MB of any files or 20 files after Rar/Zip decompression files as well. VirSCAN can scan compressed files with password ‘infected’ or ‘virus’.


Hope you have found this article useful enough. Feel free to share your views and suggestion with others in the comments section below.

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