Top 10 Palm Pre Apps

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, June 8, 2009

palm_pre_In our Palm Pre Vs Apple iPhone we had already highlighted the raging war between smartphones. It seems Palm with its dwindling market is making every possible effort to grab a share of touchscreen mobile phone market. With Apple’s iPhone stealing the show with its assortments of apps, Palm Pre couldn’t just keep ogling. Palm’s touchscreen novelty comes with a catalog of 19 third-party apps. What’s most exciting is that all these Palm Pre apps are free. But these are not high-end games, as Palm’s Mojo SDK (software developer’s kit) prevents third parties from programming flashy action games and intensive office applications. For Palm this is a mere beginning and they have announced more advanced SDK in future.

The Palm Pre app catalog loads quickly and initially offers you a list of featured and most popular apps. To choose the full list of app you need to go to into the most recent category and choose from A-Z. Just select an app and you can see the sample screen, a description, user reviews, and a link to the creator’s Website. To download the app you can click the link at the bottom of the app’s description page.  Let’s take a look at the top 10 apps for Palm Pre

1. PocketMirror(and Echo)


This apps is a real great one. It allows you to sync Palm Pre with Outlook. PocketMirror has two parts a Pre application and a sync manager for your PC. But your PC would require a Wi-fi as PocketMirror syncs over Wi-fi. The program only syncs the contacts and calender.

2. Mobile By Citysearch

This is an app search with serious problems figuring out what was nearby like the restaurants or business-profile page. It offers map option, hours, and a clickable phone number. Ghee! there are no information on banks.

3. Tweed


It’s a twitter app with a fast and elegant interface for Twitter. With Tweed you can have timeline, replies, direct messages, trending topics, custom keyword searches and the public timeline. Further you can click on the URLs to open Web Pages or on users’ names to access their profile. Well you’ll obviously miss the picture adding options.

4. Pandora


It is a customized Internet radio service. This Pre app is similar to the iPhone app. The only big difference is that it runs in the background. Using this Pre app listen to the music and keep browsing at the same time. You can also create new radio channels and give thumbs-up or -down on songs to help customize your channels.

5. LinkedIn Mobile

Those of you on LinkedIN can use this social networking app to view your own and your friends’ profile. For more you can send and respond to messages and invitations, and spam your friends with LinkedIn invites. However, it will not allow you to surf your friends network. The apps take quite a bit of time to show up in client. It lacks the features of Facebook that aligns the LinkedIn profiles with address book cards.

6. Accuweather


This one is an appealing piece making full use of Pre’s high-resolution screen. It looks great with white text on a black background, and high-res icons. It features details of weather data  with a five-day forecast on the main screen. Accuweather allows you to custom list the locales and inquire about the hourly forecast or weather radar. Further, there are attractive specialty weather rating.

7. AP News (The Associated Press )

This is news app which allows you to customize the home page of the latest AP stories and press release of several different categories. Receive the local news pumped up by member papers and the AP state wires. For more you can search the latest AP stories with keywords. The stories would appear with photos and user ratings.

8. ExpressStocks


If Bulls and Bears drives your business you can look for this unique stock widget. In ExpressStocks you can add eight different European and American countries. The stock information screen an AP news feed about the company. The app is a U.S and international market indexes or read a straight feed of the AP business wire.

9. FlightView

This flight-tracker is a widget-like app shows you the status of the flight you are to board. Just enter the date, airline and flight number and you will get the flight’s position on a map. You can also add the flight to you Pre’s calender and get alerts if the flight’s time changes.

10. Spaz

This app is basically a twitter client with some unique aspects. It allows you to track the Twitter searches spawn various searches and open them on multiple cards. Further you can also open multiple Twitter accounts at the same time. You can also filter the replies and direct messages. Although Spaz is slower than Tweed, it doesn’t support location.

October 5, 2010: 2:24 pm

I still dont know if this is going to be the big thing that is going to destroy the mother ship of Apple. There needs to be something justas good if not better on the market for people to really want ot change what they have and go to another brand. I have an iPhone myself and really like it a lot, but just am not that interested in the Palm Pre.

June 9, 2009: 6:15 pm

You may want to look at Shortcovers:

and Where:

I think they belong in the list somewhere, but they were released just a bit later than the ones you mention above. So a new list may be in order soon!

June 9, 2009: 8:40 am

Actually it’s orange+sym+p

June 9, 2009: 8:39 am

Ya know, the pre can take screenshots. orange+shift+p i believe. automatically saves to screenshots folder.

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