Apple WWDC, 2009: The obvious and the speculations

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, June 4, 2009

wwdcApple is all set to host the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco’s Moscone Center that will begin from Monday. It has been customary for the back-fence talks to intensify on eve of WWDC, turning on the guessing game for Apple’s would-be release. This time the banners read WWDC: One year later. Light-years ahead. The phrase combined with all the application icons, provide a clear hint that the crux of the conference will be the App Store and the new features of the iPhone OS 3.0. In its announcement of the conference keynote address, Apple.

The anticipations suggest the conference will discuss issues like updated mobile operating system and more details on OS X 10.6, or Snow Leopard. It can be expected that the most hyped discussion would be that of the updated mobile operating system that is on its way.

What about Apple’s slogan - One year later. Light-years ahead?

In our efforts to decipher the words we came across a number of interpretations. Going by the iPhone Blog App Store was launched in July and not in early June at WWDC last year. Well, that implies it hasn’t been one year later. This leads to the second part light-years ahead, if we follow what Gizmodo thinks then its a distant reference to the jumble of competing smartphones, some of them to debut soon like the Palm Pre, which is scheduled for launch two days before WWDC opens.

Looking into TUAW’s editorial notes its a scientific illustration that explains a year is a measure of time while a light year is a measure of distance. That is perfectly logical for a which carries a reputation of Think Different.

Filtering Rumor on iPhone 3G

next gen iphone

Filtering out the web of endless array of random, conflicting iPhone rumors before WWDC, we would like to have another shot at the next-gen iPhone. From the iTunes inner workings there are evidences that Apple would be introducing a Nike+ support. This feature was much waited addition to the Apple handset. There might be some sort of FM radio tagging, (it’s uncertain whether it’ll be used with an integrated tuner). This might be a memory-jogger when you listen to another radio. What we had already mentioned was the support for iTune 8.2 and What’s new, in iPhone 3.0.

For the latest you can have a look at the screenshot of the iPhone 3.0’s new parental control system for applications in action. The pics reveal what happens when you install some sick, lewd, objectionable material from the App Store.




Whatever be the slogan or rumor you’ll have to wait until Monday’s keynote speech when the mysteries go off

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