Top 10 Wordpress Plugins for Social Networking from your Blog

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, August 17, 2009

wordpressThis is for all you social butterflies having a WordPress blog and looking to connect to your social network right from the spot. Whatever be your purpose product promotion, or promoting a service or blog, or even leisure time fun. It is almost impossible to resist the social networks once you get into them. Again to promote your blog posts, apart from social bookmarking you should also concentrate on promoting and linking to your actual profile. The most simple way to keep aligned with your social media profile is through the use of simple text or image links pointing to your most frequently used social networks. Well, you can do this manually with some HTML tweaks, but for better you have several WordPress plugin that will allow you to connect to your social network directly from your blog. Here’s a list of top 10 Wordpress Plugins for social networking from your blog.

1. DandyID Services

Supporting over 330 social networks, this is one of the most powerful WordPress plugin for social networking from your blog post. It allows you you to connect, manage, and share all of your online identities from a single location. To access DandyID you need to create a free account and then configure the sidebar widget offering you several options like displaying favicons only, text links only, or a combination of both.


2. WP-Social Count

This plugin has been designed to display the number of adds/saves from within a social network for any particular URL. As you can specify the URL from where you pull the data with this plugin, you can display any social number for any URL of your choice. We would also attach no style to the data in any way you deem fit. It supports Digg, YouTube and


3. Retaggr


Covering over 180 social networks, Retaggr provides great option for connecting with your social network. It suffers from a stubby limitation, due to which the commenters need to have a Retaggr account in order for them to receive the extra link love from your site. The plugin places a tiny icon next to their comments.


4. Social Profilr

Although this WordPress plugin just supports 14 social networks, it comes with an exclusive feature. Most of the social networking plugins offer access to the actual profile links. Social Profilr take a step further by letting you include a line of text (with or without HTML) as a brief introduction. In essence you might turn this into a brief About Me or write something about your blog. This would appear above your social profile icons that are displayed in either vertical, horizontal or dropdown format.


5. Tweetmeme

Just by pressing a button you can retweet your blog posts. The tweets begin with default RT @tweetmeme, along with your post title and URL. You can update the settings to list your Twitter username changing the tweet to RT@YourTwitterIDHere. This would allow the people on Twitter not only view your post, but see your Twitter ID.


6. Lifestream

Unlike most of the other plugin it doesn’t require a third party account to stream your social activity. Although it has a cool look, but this plugin lacks the best design. It’s the biggest benefit that it gives you the option of being utilized as either a sidebar widget or on a separate page/post of its own.


7. WP Twitip ID

This is a Twitter specific plugin having service popularity. This is one of the most popular plugin to include with the comment from.  WP Twitip ID doesn’t require anything from your commenters other than an a live Twitter account. Further, it adds a field for users to enter their Twitter username that is automatically linked to their Twitter URL alongside their name and account.


8. ComplexLife

It allows you to set up a page on your WordPress blog that helps to track a large number of social services. It will also track comments left on other blogs and forums.


9. PingPressFM

It spreads your blog posts across 30+ social networks via Now it is equipped with features like scheduled posts and custom triggers.


10. Socialize Me

Bloggers looking to capitalize on their social networking platform can go for Socialize Me. It helps you to connect with people on the services such as StumbleUpon, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Pownce, Twitter, Bebo, MySpace and several others.


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hey great compilation. I have heard about the Dandy service but never actually used it..
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hey great compilation. I have heard about the Dandy service but never actually used it..
Some of them seems to be good enough to implement on my blog..

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