Total Copy 1.2 - Copy Files with Pause-n-Resume, Autopause and Speed Limit Function- A Review

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Monday, December 29, 2008

At a Kids’ computer awareness program in my neighbourhood, the anchor asked, which is the most used key in the keyboard? All the children shouted, ENTER, SPACE BAR etc. But no wonder the answer was CTRL. Yes, in a survey it is seen that on an average, a group of people use CTRL more than ENTER or SPACE BAR. The reason is simple. CTRL+C, CTRL+V. Copy and paste. But Windows haven’t evolved even an inch with their copy- paste option (excepting changing the icons and GI of the copy- paste mode as if we only loved eye candies). Therefore, I thought to present to you a software which is free, copies files faster than Windows’ defaults, can pause the file copying midway, has an error recovery option too and much more.


Total Copy is an improved version of Windows’ copy-function. The features are,

  • Pause / Resuming : At any time you may pause the copy-process, and continue later.
  • Auto-pause on any error : If you run out of diskspace, the network goes down or some other error occur, copying is automatically paused, and you may resume when the error is sorted out.
  • Resuming on power failure: If the computer is turned off during the copy process (ex. power-loss or system-crash), Total Copy let’s you resume when you restart. So no more fearing Windows crashing. Be safe.
  • Speed Limit : Slows down the copy process, and frees resources to other tasks.
  • Faster than Windows : Copies slightly faster than Windows (approx. 10% locally, and 1% on network)
  • Small improvements: Shows copy-speed, a percent-bar and KB remaining.
  • Leaves the ol’ Copy Function As it is : This program will not alter the existing windows-copy-function.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98/2000/NT/XP
  • Size:548 KB
  • Download
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