Trent Reznor, Twitter, Digg win at Webby Awards

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

webby_logoWebby awards from IDG are out and there are some really popular names this year. Names that are going to make you happy coz it may be a case that you are attached to them someway. Without much ado let me put the list of winners.

1. Trent Reznor, Webby Artist of the Year:

Trent Reznor

As if we thought there may be someone else. Reznor, front man for industrial-rock group Nine Inch Nails, will be honored for being a prominent figure in the digital music industry in new and innovative ways. He released The Slip in 2008 which went on to become a major hit and NiN came to limelight big time. Yo ucan download it for free from

He also distributed HD quality video of his tours in BitTorrent.

2. Twitter, Webby Breakout of the Year

twitter1Despite numerous controversies of buyouts and that 60% of the twitter people quit after the first month, Twitter still go through because accept it or not, it is the hottest new kid in the town. Be it Ashton Kutcher’s much highlighted fight with CNN in twitter or Oprah’s live chatting on twitter in her famous talk show, Twitter has been in the limelight. And so deserves.

3. Best Social Networking: DIGG005-08

Over the years, the difference between Social bookmarking and social networking sites have come zeroing down to a point of convergence. People interact, share, make friends through DIGG too. And they bookmark. With more than 100 million page views per month, DIGG has got every right to become a social networking and the best social bookmarking site. But, best social networking site? I will let DIGG fanboys decide if it was right.

Some other Winners

  1. Best Broadband Video: NBC
  2. Best Celebrity/Fan Site: OMG from Yahoo!
  3. Best Culture/Personal Blog: 100 Awesome Things
  4. Best Employment Site: TheLadders
  5. Best Home Page: Adidas
  6. Best News: BBC
  7. Best Online Community Site: Flickr
  8. Best Online Games: Club Penguin
  9. Best Political Blog: The Economist
  10. Best Political Site: The Huffington Post
  11. Best Radio: NPR
  12. Best Sports Site: ESPN

[Source: PCWorld]

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