Top 10 photo apps for Facebook

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

<b>facebook</b>-photos-infrastructureFacebook is your archive of photos and images on the web. When you are going for online albums for uploading photos Facebook is definitely the unanimous choice. Facebook allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos. Although for a single album the number of photos you can upload is 60, but that allows you to organize the albums better. To enhance your photo-experience on Facebook you have some pretty cool apps. With the new photo applications you can add flexibility your photos and albums and have lot more fun. Moreover that Facebook allows third parties applications developers are coming up with some cool apps. Have a look at my list of top 10 photo apps for facebook.

1. Canon My Story


Well, you can never dissociate Cannon with photos. Now Cannon’s taken the facebook to create a story. This Facebook app allows you to use words, color, graphics and other lively effects to make your photos a part of your life story. Wait! it’s a Cannon app that doesn’t mean you need a Cannon camera for your pics.


2. Photos


It’s terrible to organize photos when you have loads of them to upload. With this app you can upload an unlimited number of albums to your Facebook profile or Page. Further you can reorder photos, rotate them, and tag your friends in them. This app will also highlight recently uploaded by your friends, photos recently tagged of your friends, and links to your own photos.


3. Slideshow Widget


This is quite an engaging app that allows you to make your photo albums more vivid and cool.With this app you can spiff up your profile page with this facebook slideshows photo widget. It’s far better than the standard photo widget with extended account integration and  syncronization as well as other options.


4. Top Snapped Photo Friends


Make out the friends with whom you have most photos on Facebook. Know who is with you when on most of the shots. Prepare a list of your top snapped friends. Choose the number of friends and their color and click the update. bang!


5. Bloom (for Mac, Windows, and Linux)


If you are running short of time and you wanna avoid surfing the Facebook pages, try out this app. With Bloom you’ll be able to upload photos, download other albums, and view your friends’ photos. You have a simple drag-and-drop interface for all this.  What’s more, you can even add captions to the images, rotate the images before uploading and tag different friends.


6. Facebook APP Photo Cinema

It’s an interesting Facebook app that allows you to watch your Facebook images FullScreen. It’s like experience Cinema for photos.


7. Facebook Exporter for iPhoto(for Mac)


If you want to upload photos into Facebook, and you don’t want to waste your time firing up Safari, use the Facebook Exporter for iPhoto. It’s the best photo-uploading service for Macs. It allows you to find photos in iPhoto, tag them with your friends’ names, add captions, and upload them as an album to your profile. It’s incredibly easy to use.


8. PhotoBook


This app is photo browser for Mac that allows you to manage, share and view your friends Facebook photos without accessing their profile pages. You get all the photos in a single page. You can view them by their tags or in a slideshow. It’s easy to download any photo or album into iPhoto.


9. Drag-and-Drop Uploader (for Windows)


This is a simple app for Windows that avoids the extra frills of Bloom. With this app you can simply drag and drop images to add them to your facebook profile.


10. Facebook Photo Uploader(for Windows)

This a handy piece of desktop app for the windows users that allow you to upload the photos directly to Facebook and tag them. Although it’s a buggy app, but you can always use it for your convenience.



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