TweetDeck Vs Twhirl Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, May 7, 2009

twitter-client-twhirl-vs-tweetdecktwhirl has reigned as Twitter client for years before facing challenge from another Adobe AIR app, the TweetDeck. Once the Twitterati found the multi-column dashboard client, TweetDeck, things were not the same for twhirl. TweetDeck received a pep-up after its announcement of Facebook integration. Still with a cool user interface, limited resource consumption and rich features, twhirl remains one of the top contenders among Twitter clients. These are both Twitter clients for Windows with clear distinctions. Let’s draw a comparison between the current version of both the Twitter clients.

Before moving to the comparisons have an overview of both Desktop Clients




It’s a free desktop client for Twitter developed on cross-platform Adobe AIR. twhirl integrates a number of services in provide a unified platform. The key features of twhirl includes URL shortening, customizable color schemes, multiple Twitter account connections, favorites settings, localization, and cross-posting capabilities for Pownce and Jaiku! For more, it also supports Friendfeed.



TweetDeck is a personal browser that allows the user to stay in touch with the Twitter, Facebook and other social media. It features a replies column that introduces a change in twitter replies API method. It offers an updated process for replying to multiple recipients. The reply data can be updated to receive a maximum of 200 tweets. The hastags can be automatically included with the reply message. The unread counter at the top of the each column gets removed automatically. It also offers fixed Email Tweet resulting in blank email bug. There’s option to have the @username auto complete in the tweet box.

TwitterDeck offers support for Spotify URI and http URLs. It’s easier to tab between the tweet box and shorten box. TweetDeck allows the users to email people not in Twitter.There is a built-in messaging system that can be used communicate with something to all the open TweetDecks. With TweetDeck the users can tweet to global audience with the ability to translate the tweets that you have received and written into most languages. It integrates with the Facebook. Additionally, it offers 12 seconds video clips recording that can be shared.

Now let’s begin with the comparison


twhirl: Economical interface with wide variety of options for viewing and updating status as well as messages for Twitter, Friendfeed and accounts. All these doesn’t overstuff the interface. The user can customize their of tweet alerts, the program font, and network pings. there are quick icons for sending messages. There are no option for changing the app skin.

Tweetdeck: TweetDeck is similar to twhirl except that the later offers a single column view.With the facility to create multiple columns for replies, direct messages and Twitter searches TweetDeck obviously scores higher.

Twitter Search

twhirl: The user can create a search and then Activate it to make it a dynamic search that will get updated on it’s own.twhirl lacks a filter option for the search.

TweetDeck: The search can be created in the same way as in twhirl, but in TweetDeck the user can create a new column that will update automatically. Further, it offers a filter option that can be applied to the search. In addition, TweetDeck also integrates with TwitScoop and it allows quick searches the most happening topics.


twhirl: It lacks the ability to create custom groups. This makes it difficult to read individual tweets when there are large number of them.

TweetDeck: Users can create groups to follow the friends friends, colleagues or other interest groups.

Photo posting

twhirl: It sends photos through TwitPic

TweetDeck: User can share photos with Twitpic. With the Twitpic links the user can view a thumbnail of the photo inside TweetDeck

URL shortening services

twhirl: It automatically posts TinyURL in place of long URL.

TweetDeck: It offers preview function for short URLs. This function is turned off by default, but it can be enabled when needed. Moreover, the list of URL shortening service is reduced to the top 5.There’s also a Digg URl shortner. The new version offers a preview function for short URL.

Cross posting

twhirl: It’s a cross platform product that can be configured to cross post updates to Jaiku and Pownce

TweetDeck: It integrates with facebook and provides columns for cross posting.


twhirl: It has announced support for Seesmic video playback

TweetDeck: The users can also record 12 seconds of video footage and share them on Twitter

Facebook integration

twhirl: No facebook integration

TweetDeck: Full integration with Facebook. The users can also record 12 seconds of video footage and share them on Facebook.


twhirl: It comes with a support that provides updates in a snap

TweetDeck: It provides the 5 column StockTwits for monitoring the stocks. The updated TweetDeck also pulls twitscoop API every 2 minutes.


On a whole TweetDeck may be hyped lately, but twhirl still remains the choice for most Twitter users. TweetDeck in its beta, can be a more viable client support for those who wanna use Facebook simultaneously. If you have an opinion too on these Twitter clients, share with us.

November 18, 2009: 9:33 am

This is the best… Simply best - I can tweet, see tweets, RT, Mention, and save favorites: all with a single interface.

IN ADDITION, I do not have to open Facebook. I can send message to both twitter and Facebook at the same time.

MOST IMPORTANT: The Customer Support - Quick and efficient.


I tried and tried to find an equivalent alternative that requires less memory - but there is NONE!!!

Best Regards,
Twitter: @DreamsCentral
Signed: Wednesday, November 18, 2009, 8:03:15 PM IST

May 10, 2009: 10:22 am

I love tweetdeck and probably this is the best Twitter messenger but I always miss the feature which can help me to integrate more then 1 profile

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