Valentine’s Day iPhone Apps: 5 Ways to Make Him/ Her Feel Special

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. And there is no better time than this to think something special for you Valentine. For most it will be gifts which of course will be of wide variety. But what if you can give something which he or she can use for the whole year with the same love and tender memories? Doesn’t he/ she love iPhone? What about some special iPhone apps which will make them feel special and keep it forever in the list. Here is our top 5 pick for those who are in love.

1. MyValentine

MyValentine allows you to easily create a digital Valentine’s day heart for your loved ones. With just a few taps you can instantly customize a Valentine’s day heart with your desired names and heart designs. Tap twice to save your Valentine heart to your iPhone Photo Album, set as your iPhone wallpaper, or share via email with friends. MyValentine is the perfect mobile application for your loved ones. Features include the ability to choose from nine different hearts or randomized. Customize the names to display. Customized names are saved for future usage and heart updates. Double-tap to save to your iPhone Photos. From Photos, use your customized Valentine’s Day heart as an iPhone/iPod wallpaper or share via email with others.


2. I Love You

There is no better time to say these three words than now. If she/ he is one who loves being soft, then this app has it all.

  • Hundreds of beautiful quotes and poems of love
  • Send words of love to your loved ones instantly via e-mail
  • 20 different categories, including: True Love, Love Poem, Famous Love Quotes and others
  • No need for internet access to use this App
  • You can easily mark the quotes you like as Favorites

3.iLuv Bubbles

Well I’ll add a perfect to this wondrous Valentine’s day app. Embellished with ravishing graphics and multi-touch capabilities this one is to judge how Hot you both are. It’s a product of unique Pseudo Thermal Sensing technology and immaculately animated photorealistic virtual bubbles.

Multi-touch supports five fingers at a time.


as you touch the screen your body heat will be transferred slowly to the rising bubbles. Look for the changes in color from cool blue to warm red.


At a certain temperature the bubbles get responsive to your fingers. They become sticky to your fingers.


Watch out for the mind blowing visuals when the temperature has peaked.


Great weapon for flirting. With a 2 to 4 finger touch you see the scintillating bubbles appear.


That’s cool blue rising bubbles to console the broken heart that failed to impress   


4. Love iCard

Well, with Apple’s iCards doing good you needn’t worry. The Love iCard from Wondershare might be the immemorable cannonball your flame would cherish forever. Love iCard offers 10 templates, and the ability to add photos to customize your card.


5. iPropose

So finally you have decided to take things to the next level this Valentine’s Day. You can do it in a 2009 style. The ipropose pop up that questions your hubby or wifey -  Will You Marry Me. Well, the answers are straight the tappable Yes and No. But what appeals most in the colorful and cheerful backdrop. Install the iPropose app on his or her iPhone. The screen would show the ring icon. If its a Yes, you’ll feel it. No questions of no, Bless you.


Surprise your would-be one of these best iPhone apps for Valentine’s Day.


February 11, 2010: 5:33 pm

Disabling the back button makes your site stink!

February 7, 2010: 4:43 am

Here’s another great app: iFallinLove. Link your iPhone with your lover’s and track how far apart you stay. Cupid’s arrow spins round to direct you back to their arms.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Courtney P.
April 7, 2009: 1:29 am

I wish I had told my friends about some these apps on Valentine’s Day. Very cool.

- Courtney

February 12, 2009: 6:09 am

These apps are good ones. I’d also recommend a new one called StickerJam Valentine. It lets you build your own Valentines from stickers…pretty fun!

February 6, 2009: 8:42 am

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William Peterson
February 5, 2009: 5:42 am

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