What should be Your Job Search Tool during Recession?

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, March 25, 2010

job_search It is very difficult to find decent job listing now a days. So, it is crucial that you hand in your resume to the right headhunting firms. Executive search firms pick up their good candidates for many jobs that are never advertised. So, you may loose the opportunity if you are not in recruiter’s scanner.

  • Get the right recruiters: Recruiters are sometimes specialized based on their job functions. If you are referred as a candidate, you will get good response from them. So, it is prime task to build a network. Please, ask your friend in your area of specialization or get connected different people in your area at LinkedIn to find out if your existing or past co-workers know any recruiter. Perhaps your industry association at LinkedIn may give you some reference of recruiters. It is nice to build a network if you currently have job. It takes sometime to build network.
  • Make initial contact: You need to write an introductory e-mail to the recruiter that should cover like who did you work for in the past, what was your major accomplishment, and what should be your future move. Attach a résumé. If somebody refers you to the recruiter, please, say so. It is not necessary that you request them for a meeting immediately because most of the recruiters wait till there is an opening. If you get a positive response from the person, please, invite him at LinkedIn and that keeps you in recruiter’s network.
  • Maintain a Relationship: It is imperative that you stay in the mind of recruiter. However, you shouldn’t call them more than once in a month. This is also not nice to repeat the same information to them. Instead, you can discuss about any interesting project that you are currently working on. You should also keep an eye on recruiter’s blog, Twitter, or LinkedIn postings to find out any prospective job opening.
    You should return any call from the recruiter quickly as well as you have to be open minded about possible job opening. You have to give the recruiter “Thanks” for considering you even if you are not interested. Also, this is a good if you give them valid reason why you are not interested for the job or you may refer some other candidate to him.
    If you get an interview, you have to write a “Thank you” note to the recruiter regardless of the result. Additionally, if you land up in a job, it is niceon your part to tell the employer about your positive experience with the recruiter.
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