Why Should You Learn to Love CopyWriting? Twitterers Have 30 Suggestions for You!

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All in a day’s work they say. Our Ed, Angsuman Chakraborty was twittering the other day. He said to Jim Connolly of how passive he is to indulge into copy writing and Jim Connolly just aired the tweet, “Anyone got any tips on how @angsuman can learn to love copy writing?” that was IT. What followed were a parade of posts within minutes - some serious suggestions, some hilarious, some friendly, some business-minded and some even to the extent of referencing to poets and literature! We loved it all and here is a brief description of what not only gives cool suggestion to would-be copywriters, but also the power of Twitter as we fondly call it these days. And for a change, all the characters, unlike any preface to thriller movies, are NOT fictitious and anyone resembling to a living being is perfectly NORMAL!

League Of Extra-ordinary Suggestions

Some Serious Suggestions

lifecoachKirk: Barrier to all fun/quality writing is 1st draft perfection!

jonathangunson: Re make angsuman LOVE copywriting: John Carlton’s “Phrases That Keep Your Reader’s Attention” (Free) https://tinyurl.com/6pnba5

yuyudin: Usually I do the thinking while I’m walking down the street or something and do the writing later.

TashaHarrison:  such a good copywriting point - it’s so hard not to over think and just walk away for a little while

mwentworth:  Barrier to fun copywriting is perfection. Splash words on paper, edit later

artmixter: He could change his beliefs about it, keep writing sessions short and creative, and reward himself afterwards…

TraceyDooley: Appreciate the difference good copy can make — and the results.

alexsinov: make him read Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare

hansfredrik: Certainly! https://www.copywritingsovereignty.com and https://www.InstantVideoCoaching.com

powerwriter:  Have anguman read a Gene Schwartz book.

: Keep sentences to 140 chars. Put only essential message. With enough practice he’ll be fine.

kirstymeynell: Love copywriting by thinking less about putting the words on the paper and more about the reaction you’ll get!

commonsense4: I’m still working on my copy writing skills, I find that I can write some catchy lines. It will take time and practice.

zitab: that depends on what you and for whom you are writing copy.

Some Funny Suggestions

headset: Easy!! Just have angsuman hire you so he can love your copy writing as well!! Collaborate w/people that love what they do!

jonathangunson:  I see you love copywriting WITHOUT keyword focus. Keyword inclusion grinches up my writing. You have given me hope

valois:  Jim, I find that when writing copy, the best way to get started is to not write at all. Get a speech-to text software.

fletchthemaven:  Not sure who said it but it was wise: write as if you don’t have a backspace key.

CynthiaY29: so you write, then you copy what you write or right what you copywrite? yay fun all around   jks

jantallent: well, he can let me edit / proof read for him and take that worry away, lol

The Hemmingway Connection (!!)

edo: @Jimconnolly Hemingway’s 6 word story always inspires people about the power of copywriting, he wrote: “For sale: baby shoes, never used.”

Jimconnolly: I think Hemmingway once said that the best way to cure writers-block was to; “write for the bin.”

Some Not so Funny Not at all Serious

barrybell:  Copywriting tips? Don’t do it as a full time job! Do a plumbing course instead. Heh.

MarkPocock: buy John Carlton’s Kickass Secrets of a Marketing Rebel…

Some Business Propositions and Personal Experiences

SuButcher: if you hate a job, why not pay someone else to do it and spend the time earning on work you love?

Pirattitude: Sure - how much $$$ you be leavin’ on the table with crummy copy? then see a 20% diff with @RedHotCopy @YanikSilver!

SEOcopy: Morning Twitterville making lots of great $ is one reason to love copywriting

graphicstart: maybe this can help his copy writing motivation: https://tinyurl.com/77hnj7

rhcerff: writing copy myself… location specific to aid LSI *sigh* I suck at copywriting… Google generally likes it though

The Offbeat

ninaspringle: Me 2 jim, me 2! Don’t know what I’d do without my coffee in the morning, the one vice I will NEVER relinquish!

So that is it. Are you still not interested in copy-writing?

March 7, 2009: 3:10 pm

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