Windows 7 RC: Mixed Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

windows-7-aurora-green-wallpaperUntil know we have been all praises for Windows 7. Now its time to step down and give a reality check. No doubt the Windows 7 RC installs without any glitches, still there remains a number issues to be mete out with the operating system. These issues are more logical than operational. I would refer to both the best and worst in Windows 7. Let’s have a scrutiny of the Microsoft’s next big thing.
On the positive side, Windows 7 RC is actually the Vista, made far better than Vista. It offers a great look and runs swiftly. On the contrary the OS suffers from endless loopism. WIndows 7 RC is not reliable for troubleshooting. Most newbies will hit the loop whenever you click on a Windows box to diagnose the problem, eventually you would receive the notification that the problem couldn’t be fixed. For further help they need to move to help for troubleshooting. The last this you could do is to fix the problem yourself.

Perturbed at the lack of solution you get back to square one. Click on the diagnose problem and then you can keep on rinsing and repeating and ultimately you are in a roller-coaster circling the endless loop. Well, the best solution I would like to suggest is call a friend who’s an IT expert and get it done.¬† That’s a far better option than calling the script monkey in call center. This is no issue for those families having a teenaged IT nerd who can troubleshoot the problem in seconds.

Well I’d discuss a problem with my connectivity, given the modem and router are running fine. There is no use applying repair to the connection. I tried the same with Windows Vista. Lastly I had to do a cold restart and the problem was solved.

After having done with the hitch-free installation and the 20 seconds booting, I found hardly any difference between Windows 7 beta and RC, except the two versions differ in bug fixing. Given the one or two anomalies in taskbar previews panes, picture libraries, streaming media support, Windows 7 would be a cool stuff, making up for Vista’s ruined reputation.


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