Wireless Recharging for Cellphones and Laptop in the Offing

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, September 16, 2010

images You will soon be able to recharge your cell phone wirelessly. According to The Daily telegraph, Japanese firm Fujitsu  developed a technology that can charge multiple portable electronic devices like mobile phones and laptop computers without using cable connections. The company displayed a prototype of the system at Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers conference at Osaka Prefecture University and it claims that the technology is the first kind in the world.

It uses the transmission of electricity that is generated by magnetic fields between the charger and the electronic device. Using this technology, you can recharge your mobile wirelessly at a distance of several meters. The company is expected to launch the wireless charging system sometimes in 2012. Scientists at Fujitsu commented that this new wireless technology clears the way to enable multiple portable devices to be charged at the same time regardless of their position from the charger.

The company added: “We are also looking at applying the results of this work to fields other than portable electronics, including power transmission between circuit boards or computer chips, and providing mobile charging systems for electric cars.”

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