Big Name Firms Get Together to Promote Cloud Alliance

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, October 28, 2010

cloud 70 big firms like BMW, Shell and Marriott Hotels met together and  said that cloud computing can not be implemented in full swing unless major firms work together. The companies formed Open Data Alliance Center to push technology standards. The IT spending of those firms stand at $50 altogether. The principal goal of the body is to help businesses so that they can cope with  huge  number of users because they will want to access online services and applications  using  different devices from phones to TVs to tablet computers. Intel, technical adviser to the alliance projected that 15 billion devices are going to be connected to the web by 2015. Researchers also estimate that one billion users will go online in the next five years.

The Alliance’s Cloud 2015 vision is aimed to create a federated cloud where common standards will be framed in terms of hardware and software area. Another goal is to enable  all devices to work together when they access via cloud. The demands on the IT organizations are increasing at an alarming rate and  developers are developing many different solutions  that may not work with each other, said Marvin Wheeler, Alliance chairman and chief strategist for cloud services provider Terremark.  He continued: “We need one voice, one road map, so that companies are able to say to manufacturers here is a clear vision of what they should be developing their product to do.”

“So as we go from data growing 650% because of multimedia and high definition and such, we need new economics within these data centres to enable these services to still be affordable,” he said. “If we want to add another billion people to the internet and lower the digital divide we have to reduce the cost of computing and cloud is a fundamental way to do that.”

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