8 Things that Netbook can Learn From iPad

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 8, 2010

ipad3 Video is one of the important features for any portable computer. Netbook doesn’t handle Video that good. Netbook works pretty well with downloaded video files–but for Flash-based video like YouTube or Hulu, there is an issue for full screen HD. iPad doesn’t support Flash. But, Netflix apps are loaded very quickly on iPad and the pic is crystal clear.

2.  Netbook is not that portable like iPad. iPad is very thin and weighs half of the 10″ Netbook. The power adapter of Netbook looks awkward, but, the power chord of iPad is just like smartphone.

3. You can turn your iPad ON instantaneously without rebooting. But, Netbook has boot time similar to Laptops.

4. Netbooks can’t play most of the games. The 3D engine on an iPhone plays games  better than most Netbooks, but the gaming experience gets better with ipad. Apple’s App Store makes sure that all games are compatible.

5. Netbooks has its UI to a smaller-screen and smaller-resolution environment. The iPad, on the contrary, simplified its environment for the purpose of use as a portable device.

6. Apple is expected to have an attractive unlimited data plan for 3G-equipped iPads that costs $30/month. Some Netbook also have  support for 3G, but the cost of adding another line of 3G data can raise the cost $60 a month.

7. It is very difficult to get good quality picture on ten inch screen. Apple uses something called IPS display for wide angles. It is nice to see if Netbook or laptop includes this feature.

8. While it’s great in theory that any Netbook can install a wide variety of software, but it is very difficult to run them on an Atom processor or it may be difficult to read them on 10″ screen. Although, iPad apps are not meant as full applications for Windows, but, they are very much targeted and useful for common people.

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