Internet Explorer

Summary Box: Microsoft's IE9 promises speed
THE NEWS: Microsoft released the "beta" test version of Internet Explorer 9, its updated Web browser program.
Microsoft's new IE9 promises zippier performance
SEATTLE - Microsoft Corp. unveiled the "beta" test version of Internet Explorer 9 on Wednesday, the first of a new generation of Web browser programs that tap into the powerful processors on board newer computers to make websites load and run faster.
Microsoft to Launch Internet Explorer Beta Version on Sept 15
According to the recent blog post, Microsoft is going to launch IE beta version on Sept 15 at an event in San Francisco.
Internet Explorer 9 Beta is Due in September
According to Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner, Microsoft is getting ready to roll out IE version 9 in September.
Flock browser gets faster, friendlier with upgrade
SAN FRANCISCO - Flock, a Web browser focused on the online social scene, is trying to make it quicker and easier to keep tabs on your friends and family.
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