Mozilla CEO, John Lilly to Quit

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mozilla The CEO of Mozilla, Mr. John Lilly is ready to step down from his post at open source software non-profit organization. Lily confirmed this via an email message to Mozilla employees. He is going to move to Greylock Partners as  a venture partner. Lilly took over from Mitchell Baker as company CEO in 2008. Initially, he served as company COO. Lilly will continue to serve as board of director of the company. Mozilla makes different software products and the landmark one is the Firefox Browser.

According to the survey, the Firefox share went up to 24.6% in the browser market from 11 percent in 2006. Microsoft Internet Explorer is still the leading browser in the browser market. Although, its share dropped below 60%. Chrome browser stands at distant third place. Mozilla is expected to ship a beta of Firefox 4 next month and the final version will be released in November. The new version is supposed to improve in terms of interface and speed. By removing Internet Explorer from number one position, Mozilla proved that open source software can provide better quality of software.

May 12, 2010: 12:40 am

Thanks for the details on Mozilla.I use it for personal and professional purposes and really glad to read the statistics of it’s improvement in the past few years.I am sure John Lilly’s contribution has been immense in this regard.Glad to learn that he’ll still be among the board of directors of the company.Eagerly waiting for the newest version.Would like to check it’s speed.Way to go Mozilla!

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