Internet Explorer 8 Takes Over IE 6 as The Most Popular Browser in the World

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, February 3, 2010

internet_explorer   As per the recent survey carried out by Net Applications, Internet Explorer IE 8 is the most popular web browser in the world that overtook IE 6 which dropped at 22% market share as of Jan 2010. Many people moved from IE 6 because Microsoft admitted that the browser is vulnerable to hacker. It took 10 month for IE 8 to become the leader in the browser market.

The French and German government requested the users to use an alternate version of Explorer like Chrome or Firefox because of the security breach of Explorer. But, Microsoft said that users can download IE 8 safely because hackers have not been able to exploit IE 8 as of yet. That’s why the market share of IE 6 dropped to 20% last month.

 Google and Dept. of US health already announced that they will phase out the support of IE 6 gradually. Dept of health is still using IE 6. But, the dept advised the hospitals to upgrade it either IE 7 and IE 8 due to the reason of Security Flaw for IE 6. In addition, performance is also an issue for IE 6. Google said that it is going to phase out IE 6 from March. Google also said that they will not offer most of their functionalities for Google docs and Google Sites in IE 6 from the same time.

In the latest browser statistics, Google Chrome witnessed growth by 3.9% in terms of browser market share. But, Firefox 3.5 is far ahead of Chrome, occupying 17.1 % of market share for browser market.

February 23, 2010: 12:39 pm

Internet Explorer’s domination looks like it might be coming to an end though. Not only is Google’s Chrome gaining ground, but they now have to give all IE users in Europe the choice of which browser to use.

Given the choice would you use IE when there’s Chrome and Firefox available?

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