Call Of Duty: Black Ops Updates Released
SAN FRANCISCO ( The fans of the popular Call of Duty franchisee who had been waiting eagerly for the release of the latest game in the lineup named Black Ops were sorely disappointed when they saw the game was released with some glitches.
Black Ops Sales Makes Record
SAN FRANCISCO ( As widely expected the latest release in the celebrated Call of Duty franchisee namely, Black Ops has set new records in sales within just a day of its release.
Call Of Duty Black Ops Reviews Pouring In
SANTA MONICA ( The veteran gamers who love FPS genre games swear by the Call of Duty franchisee and almost all the gamers released under this banner have proved to be runaway hits with the gamers worldwide.
“Golden Eye 007″ To Be Relaunched
LOS ANGELES, ( "Golden Eye 007" has been one of the favorite video games for several James Bond fans.
Call Of Duty Black Ops World Premier Trailer Out Now!
SAN FRANCISCO ( Call of Duty is regarded as one of the most popular ands immersive First and third person shooter PC and console game that has millions of fans worldwide.
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