Top 12 Funny Facebook Apps

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 16, 2009

facebook1It’s still April and I haven’t stopped fooling my friends. Well, I’ve extended the all fools day to all fools month. If you are mischievous enough to outfox your friends, there’s always an idea popping up. What about fooling your friends in facebook. What I could do to help you was to rip out thorough the numerous Facebook apps to find the most hilarious ones on which you can have a blast. There are cool third party applications that you can apply to scam your facebook friends. Having said that, what irks me is the disappointing performance of third-party applications on Facebook that may be as a result of the platform or developers fault. Still you can always hope things would improve with time. Here’s the list of top 12 funny facebook app that can make you laugh like a drain.

1. Chuck Norris

Well, this is one of the great app of all times for facebook. Do you know why? It’s because there was no such app beautifully designed to fillip Chuck Norris joke movement, lol. You shouldn’t call it game. But, you can always petite the absurdly stupid jokes. Don’t you dare to burst over the jokes to get Chuck Norris annoyed.

2. I kick You

This PictoGame is really hilarious. Actually, you put your friends profile image into the game and kick them hard. Now watch them fly in air and the app measures the distance you fly your friend. I’m sure you can’t stop laughing at it.

3. Whopper Sacrifice

Are you ready to play a buzzkill with 10 of your friends? In case you nod to agree, here’s Burger King’s new Facebook app that’ll allow you to hack 10 of Facebook friends. When you are done, you are sure to get a free yummy Whopper to munch on and the satisfaction of fooling all the 10 nasty fellas. Isn’t that great fun.



What if you were never good with painting, it’s your turn to show your flair. Use this Graffiti app to paint a nonsense on your friends facebook profile and let him/her know that’s abstract art.


5. Comparable People

For jealousy dislikes the world to know it, you can play with it. Use this app to compare two beauties and watch the two cats fight. Better don’t get yourself compared.


6. Superpoke

This is kinda silly app to waste your time. Not really, if you love fun. Send fun love pokes to say a million within a jiffy. Not just poke you can event throw a sheep when it’s distracting.


7. Honesty Box

Send anonymous messages to your friends. You have the full freedom of speech and expression to bring down this bragging friend of yours on earth.  Your friend will never know who you are?


8. HairMixer

So do you love to laugh at yourself.  Here’s a funny game for you that allows you to swap the hair between two images. Try this on your photograph, don’t blame if the colors don’t match,  but that’s your new facebook look.


9. Funny Christmas Name Generator


If you like twisting names to churn up yuletide aliases here’s something you’ll love to do. Type in a name, give a background and wait for the name generator to come up with something so silly that you can’t help laughing. I did it with my friends name and that turned out to be The Frosty Holly.


10. Send a stripper

This isn’t a sleazy app at all. May be a lot you might hate it. Still, it’s the funniest app you could gift to a Conservative or introvert friend.


11. Sheep Launcher


This doesn’t seem so exciting as it looks, but it’s whoopee. What you do is select images of your facebook friends and launch a sheep at them. Wait and watch for the baa and splat noise.


12. Lolz

This is a new application in Facebook that allows you to caption any picture and share it with your friends. Scribble some funny captions to turn heads around.



December 13, 2009: 4:02 am

The funniest app is .. . Fun with Vagina

it replaces.. the movie title .. with the word Vagina lol.. like

the vagina of oz.

Facebook User
December 12, 2009: 5:55 pm

This is funny too:

July 21, 2009: 8:36 am

Check out Slapp App the newest most funny application

April 16, 2009: 10:40 pm

those great application. I’ve used them all :)

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