Top 10 Not So Popular social networking sites in 2009

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, May 1, 2009

social-networkThere’s a second tier of social networking site right below the top ones, MySpace, Facebook and Blogger. There’s a bunch of these sites with growing sign ups like Imeem, Tagged, Multiply. They don’t share a significant proportion of membership when compared to the big names like Myspace, but play the second-fiddle with a restricted aficionados who love to look beyond the usual. Moreover these sites are not just about meeting people, they have indirectly turned into marketing sites for affiliations and product promotions. There are a number of these sites that you are yet to explore.  Let me acquaint you with the top 10 not so popular networking sites in 2009.

1. imeem

imeemThis social media service is a wealth of music with millions of free streaming songs and videos. That’s where the music aficionados bunk. You can’t stop at, Groove to 311’s new single Hey You or the featured  Listen to The Veer Union’s new album.


2. TagWorld

tagworldThis might be the next big thing in social networking. With flares of Ajax and splattered Flash this site seems high on prospects. This social site enables users to create their own website and share it with their friends.  Share photos in customizable slideshows. Style the site with different backgrounds and themes. It’s a site to discover new music, video and books. Meet new people and share different tastes.


3. Tagged

This Silicon Valley based social network initially focused on teens. It’s been through fare bit of criticism and hitch ups in 2007. That’s all because it couldn’t stop the users from spamming their friends. Two years down the road things have improved and Tagged is having a good numbers of sign up.


4. Joost

joost-logoThis is still the heatthrob of European youth except the it lacked the video feature for long.  Now that it switched to Flash there more to enjoy. Joost plays host to music, shows, films and there’s lot more to explore.



multiplyMultiply is a service focused on families and friends. It highlights how individuals consume information in social network. Multiply includes everything that makes an accomplished social site, blogging tools, video, music, calender, link sharing capabilities and the ability to view products.


6. Xanga

This is a blogging and social networking site. This is where you can share your likes (and dislikes), your expertise (or lack of it) and
communicate with lot new people.


7. UrbanChat

urbanchatIt offers a chance to join, hang out, have fun, and meet new people. Not like the top social sites  but in UrbanChat allows listing of favorites, friends, messages, and images.


8. MeetU

meetupThis social networking sit has received a lot of attention and activity. MeetUp facilitates off-line social network more so than the web-based kind. MeetUp includes loads of interesting topics. Still more users can look for meet-ups in their geographic area.


9. Fubar

That’s a social network of a different taste with the first online bar. It has profiles, shoutboxes, profiles, a message system, music players, games, gifts and numerous other features. What stinks is the design, never mind if you’re looking for a date.


10. Flixster

For the movie buffs this social site is the right place to be. Flixster recommends the users with friends having similar movie tastes


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This is really good information and I have also written about the top 25 social networking sites.

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