THE TROUBLES: Even before the January earthquake, the corruption-gutted, money-hemorrhaging Teleco Haiti had few landline customers and no competitive cell phone service.
Facebook a virtual memorial site for World War II
WARSAW, Poland - Henio Zytomirski's Facebook profile picture stands out from most.

DAVOS, Switzerland - French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in a broad riposte to free-market capitalism, told a room full of international bankers and CEOs on Wednesday just what they didn't want to hear: Brace for bonus curbs, tighter banking regulations and new bookkeeping rules.
Mozilla leader worries about Internet limits
MUNICH, Germany - The leader of the Mozilla Project, whose Firefox Web browser now has 350 million users, said Sunday that she is concerned that legal restrictions could limit Internet expansion.
Man Buried Underneath the Rubble in Haiti Got Help Using iPhone
Dan Woolley , an US filmmaker went to Haiti to shoot a documentary film.
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