04Google and Windows, for once have decided to work their ways in to a collaborative approach to technology. Windows mobile is freshly equipped with Google Street View and soon after there is more to cherish! Google Mobile App, a convenient one-stop shop for all popular Google services, has hit Windows mobile platform. This app is already quite popular with the versions for Apple iPhone and Blackberry.
ms-migrane-microsoft-sucksAfter just a few days when Microsoft was stranded to sillyness in the mid of mobile world congress, they have done it again! And this time its pitifully worse. In what appears to be a clear sign of even the big giants losing their minds in this overwhelming economic recession, Microsoft is reportedly asking laid off employees to return portions of their severance pay that the company apparently overpaid.
Have we seen enough from the technology? Not at all. In this quest to proceed further, Bharti Airtel has signed exclusive agreements to make the world's first Windows based Online Desktop-powered by Microsoft and Nivio. With this one, AIrtel wants people to breathe in computers and broadband synonymously. This is really an important milestone not only because its first but also it rests the potential to usher in the era of broadband boon throughout India and not just a handful of people.
Microsoft and Dell have joined hand in hand for a project called PRODUCT RED in order to help Africa fight AIDS. Such a noble venture needs your contribution as well. When you buy a Dell (PRODUCT) RED PC with Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED, Windows and Dell will jointly contribute $50 or $80, depending on the product, to The Global Fund.
Technology is real fun sometimes. You can't but laugh at unexpected turn of events. I mean, who could ever think that Microsoft is going to make an application web service for FREE (yes, I am not dazed) quite similar to another that Apple sells for $0.99! Microsoft is developing an Application for Mobiles called My phone which synchronizes with your address books, calendars and to-do lists at absolutely no cost. You may ask, what is the high point? You can easily do that with your desktop and any free mobile synchronization app. Here is the catch. It will also give you 200 MB space to back up your data, a system restore privilege and many more but for Windows Mobile currently.
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