Microsoft Makes a Mess Out of Silly Laptops Giveaway to Bloggers

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Watch out bloggers! Those of you with Microsoft’s laptops gifts can keep them back. MIcrosoft had send Acer Ferrari laptops to 90 bloggers during pre-Vista-launch. They were supposed to be returned to Microsoft after the review. After a peek-a-boo over the bloggers on returning the laptops, the final verdict was in favor of bloggers. The New York Times read, Microsoft wants the bloggers to keep them back.

Microsoft was accused of greasing the bloggers before the Vista launch. this was followed by Microsoft sending emails to the bloggers, clarifying that the laptops must be returned, or given away after the review period. The IT major now changed its stance declaring that the emails confused some people. Microsoft spokeswoman told the New York Times, its official stance is that after the bloggers are over with experiencing the laptops, they are free to keep the laptops or give it away to the readers if they wish.

According to blogger Marshall Kirkpatrick, director of pre-launch startup SplashCast, the reverssal was a silly PR backpedal.

Earlier Microsoft’s Coldiron had emailed the bloggers asserting that the laoptops were meted out for review and should be returned to MIcrosoft. This led to a furore with irritated bloggers accusing Microsoft of making things worse and botching its PR response. For one of the commenters on Mitch Denny’s blog, this had nothing to do with a bloggers ethical obligation - don’t need em, don’t want em.

Eventually Microsoft yield to the pressure, stating formally that the bloggers can keep the laptops back. and I wonder how kiddish was that to fight for some handful of laptops! Even a school children with a rich dad won’t mind it twice. Get a life will ya Microsoft?

June 22, 2010: 1:02 pm

I always knew that such things happen only for promotion and company does it for their benefit this is all true. But sometimes such things can cause, turn out on company and change their company image badly.

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